Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test & Benefits of Ubiquinol Supplements


Dr Oz: Ubiquinol Balances Cholesterol Levels

A new study has revealed taking too many antioxidant supplements can cause an increase risk in cancer, so Dr. Oz went over the best foods to eat to get the right amount of antioxidants, which doesn’t cause an increased risk for cancer. He even gave out a new recommended dosage for vitamin A.

Dr Oz: Ubiquinol Supplement Increases Energy, Lowers Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz said there is one antioxidant supplement all medical practitioners believe is completely safe to take (Didn’t they say that about all antioxidants before?). According to Dr. Oz, it doesn’t matter if the doctor uses alternative medicine or the latest technology in the field, they all agree ubiquinol is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Just like the name infers, the supplement is ubiquitous, meaning it is found everywhere in the body but as your body ages the amounts of ubiquinol decrease meaning a supplement is needed.


Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test & Benefits of Ubiquinol Supplements

Dr. Oz went over the benefits of ubiquinol, an antioxidant supplement all health experts say is safe, and he gave out an Ayurvedic skin type test.

Check out all the health benefits from taking ubiquinol below.

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Naturally produced by the body
  • Amount declines as you age
  • Natural way to increase energy
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Helps with cholesterol

Dr Oz: Ubiquinol Daily Dose Recommendation

Although ubiquinol is a powerful substance, Dr. Oz said it becomes more important to our bodies as we age because we are unable to produce as much of it as we did when we were younger. Dr. Oz’s daily dose recommendation for ubiquitol is 100 mg a day, which can be difficult to get through diet alone. You would need to eat seven pounds of beef or eight pounds of peanuts a day to get the suggested amount which means taking a supplement is probably the best way to get the right dose.


Dr. Oz recommended taking the supplement with a meal containing fat because it will help the body absorb the supplement.

Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, an Ayurvedic practitioner, explained the Ayurvedic approach to skin care doesn’t just treat the topical level of the skin condition but rather the whole patient. Dr. Chaudhary always makes a point to look at what’s going on with a person’s digestive system because it is connected with the skin.

Take Dr. Chaudhary’s Ayurvedic skin type test below to help you determine your skin type:

My skin color is:

  1. Pale, whitish
  2. Ruddy, pink
  3. Darker than my ethnic type

My skin tends to be:

  1. Rough – means a lack of hydration and nutrients
  2. Soft – sign of good collagen production
  3. Plump – means good fat production, which is good in your skin, especially your face.

My skin has a tendency towards:

  1. Scratches, bruises and lines – signs that your skin is vulnerable due to a lack of nutrients
  2. Pink breakouts, freckles and allergies – surface inflammation which causes typical pimples
  3. Eruptions and oiliness – a cluster of cystic pimples which is a sign that toxins are being released

My skin problems are triggered by:

  1. Stress and anxiety – a mental event, like day-to-day stress
  2. Traumatic events – events that hit you in your heart and tend to be more emotional
  3. Not washing enough

My skin is problematic during:

  1. Cold, windy weather
  2. Hot weather
  3. Cool, damp weather

Dr Oz: Dosha Skin Quiz Results

Dr. Chaudhary created the Ayurvedic skin test to help people determine their Dosha, or skin type, to help them look younger. Below is how you can grade your answers to the questions above:

Mostly #1 answers: Vata
Mostly #2 Answers: Pitta
Mostly #3 Answers: Kapha


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