Dr Oz: Ayurvedic Skin Type Test & Benefits of Ubiquinol Supplements


Dr Oz: Ubiquinol Balances Cholesterol Levels

A new study has revealed taking too many antioxidant supplements can cause an increase risk in cancer, so Dr. Oz went over the best foods to eat to get the right amount of antioxidants, which doesn’t cause an increased risk for cancer. He even gave out a new recommended dosage for vitamin A.

Dr Oz: Ubiquinol Supplement Increases Energy, Lowers Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz said there is one antioxidant supplement all medical practitioners believe is completely safe to take (Didn’t they say that about all antioxidants before?). According to Dr. Oz, it doesn’t matter if the doctor uses alternative medicine or the latest technology in the field, they all agree ubiquinol is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Just like the name infers, the supplement is ubiquitous, meaning it is found everywhere in the body but as your body ages the amounts of ubiquinol decrease meaning a supplement is needed.

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