Dr Oz: Avoid Genetically Modified Food & Stop Waste with Ice Cube Tray


Dr Oz: Whole Foods Labeling All GMOs By 2018

Dr. Oz talked with Co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, Walter Robb, about this initiative that requires all their food products to be labeled if the food contains GMOs. He told Dr. Oz Whole Foods will have all their food labeled by 2018 and they are stopping the sale of seafood that contains genetically modified foods.

Do you think other grocery stores are going to follow suit? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


Dr Oz: Avoid Genetically Modified Food & Stop Waste with Ice Cube Tray

Dr. Oz went over his guidelines for avoiding genetically modified foods at the grocery store and went over ways to avoid wasting food with an ice cube tray.

Dr Oz: 91 Percent Of People Want Non-Genetically Modified Foods

Dr. Oz believes everyone has the right to know what is in their food and his audience agreed. In a poll from last fall, 91 percent of people responded saying they would prefer to buy non-genetically modified foods if given the option. Michael Hansen, of Consumer Reports, also agreed adding that when foods are genetically modified there is no control over the process by which it is done, meaning no one knows exactly where the genes are being injected into the food. Dr. Oz elaborated explaining that when GMOs are injected in food, we have no idea whether the GMOs and where they were injected could make the food harmful to eat.

Dr Oz: Guidelines To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Since labeling of foods containing GMOs is not yet mandatory, Dr. Oz had some guidelines to help you avoid buying any type of GMOs from the grocery store.

  • Go organic – By law organic foods cannot contain GMOs – look for the USDA Organic seal.
  • Avoid canola, corn, zucchini, soy and sugar beets unless they are organic.
  • Foods less likely to contain GMOs include quinoa, wheat and grass-fed animals.
  • Switch cooking oils – Choose olive oil and safflower oil for all cooking needs.
  • Look for voluntary labeling seals – There are several companies already using their own voluntary seal. Look for the one that says “NonGMO Project Verified.”

Dr Oz: Ways To Avoid Waste With Ice Cube Trays

Do you hate throwing out the little bit of peanut butter left in the bottom of the jar? How about throwing out those last bits of wine? Dr. Oz asked his viewers for some advice on avoiding waste and they delivered with some ingenious ways to save, and all you need is an ice cube tray.

  • Store Greek yogurt – Buy a big container, fill the ice cube tray and freeze it to store it for long periods of time.
  • Store chicken broth or pasta sauce
  • Store egg whites
  • Make ice cubes with leftover champagne and use them to make a mimosa with orange juice


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