Dr Oz: Am I Having an Asthma Attack or a Cold? + Asthma Video


Dr Oz: Common Cold vs Asthma Attack

As the air gets colder, you have a much better chance of catching a cold. But a drop in temperature and dryer air also means an increase in the number of asthma attacks. It can be hard to tell a difference between the two, especially if you’ve never experienced an asthma attack before.

Dr Oz then took viewers inside a virtual world that allowed them to experience first-hand what it’s like to have an asthma attack. When suffering from asthma, your lungs can’t get enough air, causing you to breathe quickly. There are “balls of air” inside the lungs that are surrounded by blood vessels. The tubes that bring oxygen in are large and round, but can constrict during an asthma attack. So what do you do? You sit down, slow down, and get rid of whatever may be irritating your lungs. Sometimes medication like inhalers are needed to “bathe the airways” helping them to relax, making it easier for you to breathe.



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