Dr Oz: Are You Being Duped? How Marketers Manipulate Dr Oz Viewers


Dr Oz: Dr Oz Product Scams

Dr Oz spent a good portion of his show today discussing the health benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract. He did his own study, shared the weight loss results, and told you how to buy it. But he also said to beware of scams that use his name. Dr Oz said this is growing problem that has made him very upset. Next, he announced what he plans to do about this.

“I realize the moment that I recommend any solution or product to better your health, store owners, websites, magazines and advertisers start manipulating my words to sell their products,” he said. “But today, I’m here to tell you that I’m mad as hell, and I’m taking back my name.”


Dr Oz: Are You Being Duped?

Dr Oz showed pictures of websites, store banners and other advertisements that use his name and picture to sell their products. He showed footage of Dr Oz aisles at health food stores, advertisements, and websites that use Dr Oz’s name and logo to convince viewers and fans to buy products they claim are endorsed by the man himself.

Dr Oz: Are You Being Duped?

Dr Oz learned how marketers and companies are using the Internet to trade on his name and reputation. Are you being duped by bogus ads?

Thousands of products on eBay and the Internet bear Dr Oz’s name, even though he has no idea who they are or what they are selling. Finally, he is speaking out about a practice he says has gotten out of control.


Doctor Oz: Bogus Online Advertising

Sree Sreenivasan is chief digital officer for Columbia University. He said even his wife was surprised to learn that Dr Oz doesn’t endorse any products, because his name shows up in so many search results and advertisements about a variety of health topics.

Dr Oz said he was upset that companies can use his name and picture to sell products he has talked about on the show. Sree said that’s “because the web is not policed the way most people think it might be.”

Sree wanted to show Dr Oz how any small company can take advantage of Dr Oz’s reputation to sell products. He demonstrated how Dr Oz is very popular in search engine results related to Green Coffee Extract. Ads even used words like “pure,” which Dr Oz said earlier was misleading.

How Marketers Manipulate Dr Oz Viewers

Dr Oz said this makes him mad, because he is trying to make a difference by providing accurate health information. He feels his words are being manipulated by marketers.

“If you see my picture next to something being sold on these types of websites, you know they’re duping you,” he said.

He said that endorsing products would compromise his reputation and this type of dirty marketing tactic “undermines everything this show is about, which is why it infuriates me.”

Sree showed Dr Oz how easy it is to create a Facebook advertisement saying anything you want. His example used keywords such as Dr Oz and and Green Coffee Bean. Then he used an image of Dr Oz from the Internet to create his ad in just seconds.

“It costs nothing to start the process, and then I can decide how much I want to spend on this,” he said. Companies can set their own budgets to run a certain number of ads every day, and could be selling fraudulent products or even stealing consumers’ personal information, such as credit card numbers.

How To Avoid Online Scams

Dr Oz couldn’t believe that anyone could so easily take advantage of his name and reputation. Sree had some words of advice for everyone watching.

“Be very careful of anything you see on the Internet. That should be a rule for your life anyway, but medical information especially,” he said.

Once again, Dr Oz said that no companies or products are authorized to use his name, logo, or photo to sell products. Dr Oz complained directly to viewers: “Facebook and other websites companies are allowing advertisers and retailers to make money off my image and my name.”

He asked Sree why this isn’t illegal. Sree explained that the companies say ad content is the responsibility of the person that created it. Dr Oz had a plan to take back his name.


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