Dr Oz: Are You A Hypochondriac? + Calling Doctor Too Often


Dr Oz: Bevy Smith On Fake Illnesses

Dr Oz shared that Bevy Smith is “the queen at spotting a fake illness,” which is why he enlisted her help in finding hidden hypochondriacs in his audience. Bevy, from Fashion Queens, said the internet only contributes to people thinking they have much worse medical conditions than they actually have. Bevy joked that she’ll send those people a card that says, “Wishing you a speedy recovery from your imaginary illness.”

Dr Oz: Hidden Hypochondriacs

Dr Oz: Are You A Hypochondriac? + Calling Doctor Too Often

If you or someone you know is a hypochondriac, Dr Oz and Bevy Smith could be coming for you! (brianreidfurniture / flickr)


Dr Oz then said that there were actually some hidden hypochondriacs in his audience whowere caught on tape. One woman revealed that her sister was such a hypochondriac that “she’s taken germaphobia to a whole new level.” In her purse she had antibacterial ointment, tissues hand sanitizer, three kinds of pain relievers, bug spray, cough drops, cold medicine, and even surgical gloves. She hesitantly handed her purse to Dr Oz and Bevy Smith.

Bevy said she could tell the woman was very fashionable, but she was “committing a major #fashiondon’t.”

Dr Oz: Too Many Calls To The Doctor

Dr Oz then explained that he had a phone number in his phone of a woman whose family said she calls the doctor seven times a day to discuss a self-diagnosis. Dr Oz then dialed the number and a phone in the front row started ringing. The woman was surprised, but was excited to have Dr Oz sit down next to her. She said she lives in fear because she’s diabetic and her father actually passed away from diabetes. She was a big fan of Dr Oz and said she uses a lot of his more natural remedies.


“My doctor say ‘what happened, you’re not coming’ and I say ‘watch Dr Oz,'” the woman said.

Dr Oz said the main thing is that she was calling her doctor all the time, even if she wasn’t seeing him. When he asked about the last time she called her doctor, she said she called today and yesterday. She said she just wanted to let her doctor know, and Dr Oz said she called five different doctors yesterday. She said she’s simply hoping they will help give her something that will cure her diabetes. Bevy said she needed to realize her doctor had other patients!

Dr Oz: Signs You’re A “Cyberchondriac”

Bevy then shared “signs you might be a ‘cyberchondriac.'” If it’s the flu season and you’re tracking it like it’s Santa Claus on Christmas, you might be a “cyberchondriac.” If  you block someone online just because their status update mentions being sick, you may be a “cyberchondriac.” Finally, if someones says mayo and you think of a clinic, not a sandwich, you may be a “cyberchondriac!”

Would you label yourself or someone you know as a hypochondriac or “cyberchondriac?”


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