Dr Oz: Aortic Dissection Pain + Sleep Apnea Congestive Heart Failure


Dr Oz: 3 Signs That Could Save Your Life

Your body is constantly trying to communicate with you and give you warning signs that might save your life. Are you listening? Dr Oz explained that these clues could be important, so here’s what to watch out for with Sleep Apnea, Pitting Edema, and Aortic Dissection.

Dr Oz: Sleep Apnea & Congestive Heart Failure

Dr Oz: Aortic Dissection Pain + Sleep Apnea Congestive Heart Failure

Do you have one of these life-threatening symptoms? Dr Oz explained what to watch for as signs of Aortic Dissection, Sleep Apnea, and Kidney Failure.


Do you know someone who snores? Cheryl’s husband Greg turned her in to Dr Oz because of her snoring, which he compared to “a semi truck going down a highway.” She is not aware of her snoring, because she is asleep. But her husband was awake enough to take video evidence, which she did not find humorous.

Dr Oz said that videotaping someone snoring is a good way to diagnose health problems related to snoring. If your partner stops breathing between snores, that is a sign of Sleep Apnea, which can be dangerous. Sleep Apnea can lead to Congestive Heart Failure, which is surprisingly common.

Videotape the person you love snoring, and listen for 10-second periods of silence between snores. If you don’t hear any air movement, that could be a lifesaver.


Dr Oz: Pitting Edema Self Test

Do you feel like you are retaining so much water that your shoes don’t seem to fit? Dr Oz said if you notice that you can push on your foot and leave a mark, and you have puffy eyes or feel like you have gained 10 pounds, this can be a red flag.

A professor and mother of three said that she is constantly on her feet, so they are swollen. Puffy eyes run in her family as well. Dr Oz said if you can push on the skin of the foot and it dimples, that is a warning sign of Pitting Edema, which is a symptom of Kidney Failure.

When the kidney can’t keep up, it sends excess fluid to areas like the feet and eyes. If you have this problem, check in with your doctor.

Dr Oz: Aortic Dissection Pain

Do you have the worst back pain of your life? Does it feel like you are being ripped apart? Is your back pain in the middle or on the sides? The pain will be a 10 on the scale, giving you the worst pain you will have ever experienced. This could be a warning of Aortic Dissection, where the aorta can actually tear.

This and the other conditions mentioned here are treatable if they are identified. Dr Oz showed an Aortic Dissection model, and he explained that Lucille Ball and John Ritter both died from this complication. This is a life-and-death situation, so if you have severe pain, don’t hesitate to get yourself checked out.


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