Dr Oz: Antibiotics Don’t Cure Viral Infections & Antibiotic Resistance


Dr Oz: Antibiotics Do Not Treat Viral Infections

Dr. Oz is worried about an antibiotic apocalypse in our country which could happen in the near future if we continue using antibiotics the way we have been. He has some very important information you are going to want to read before you schedule another visit to the doctor’s office.

Dr Oz: 10 Million Antibiotics Given For Viral Infections

Dr Oz: Antibiotics Don't Cure Viral Infections & Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Oz went over the dangers of taking too many antibiotics, how antibiotic resistance could grow and why doctors gave out 10 million antibiotics for viruses.


Dr. Oz said he is nervous about the use of antibiotics in this country because he said they are being misused which could lead to dangerous and even life-threatening illnesses that are immune to antibiotics. Dr. Brad Spellberg said antibiotics are supposed to kill bacteria which means taking antibiotics when you have a virus could trigger the side effects from the drug without being able to kill the virus. He said this wouldn’t be a problem if one person was to take the antibiotic when it wasn’t needed but when thousands of people do take antibiotics when not needed, it could lead to a resistance of a certain strain of bacteria.

Dr. Oz told viewers over 10 million prescriptions are given out annually for viral infections which is startling because, as mentioned above, antibiotics do nothing to cure a viral infection. He warned against running to the doctor every time you have a slight cough.

Dr Oz: Definition Of Antibiotic Resistance

Dr. Spellberg gave the definition of antibiotic resistance as something used by doctors to be able to kill or treat bacterial infections with medication, but the bacteria have adapted and evolved in ways that prevent the medication from treating the illness.


Dr Oz: Antibiotic Resistance Could Lead To Evolution Of Superbugs

Dr. Oz explained what happens when you take an antibiotic for a viral infection. He said the antibiotic will go into the body and help treat the cough but the antibiotic will also go to other parts of the body where it could kill off good bacteria. You may start to feel better soon after taking the antibiotic but the real danger comes weeks and months later when you built up a resistance to a certain antibiotic. Dr. Spellberg added the more doctors prescribe unnecessary antibiotics, the more it increases the potential for resistance to superbugs and the more frightening outcome will be that otherwise treatable viruses will suddenly turn fatal.


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