Dr Oz Anorexia: Pro-Anorexia Websites & Anorexia Warning Signs


Dr Oz Anorexia: Dying To Be Thin

When is the last time you thought about your weight? Maybe you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or saw a photograph and weren’t happy with what you observed. Maybe you are able to take these revelations in stride, but for some, this type of experience spirals out of control into the eating disorder Anorexia. The Dr Oz Anorexia show was a crisis intervention for women struggling with Anorexia. He also took aim at Pro-Ana and Thinspiration websites that promote eating disorders, confronting one of the founders on his stage.

Dr Oz Anorexia Intervention: Janice’s Story

Dr Oz Anorexia Warning Signs & Eating Habits

Anorexia sufferer Janice shared her story and eating habits. Learn about Dr Oz Anorexia Warning Signs from the show.


Janice used to have a healthy life and was full of energy. But for the last eight years, she has been battling anorexia. She said that it was a gradual process, and her parents watched her slip away into a life of obsession about her diet and weight control.

However, Janice said this was not an intentional process. Her obsession seemed to take on a life of its own, and that’s how she has ended up at her current weight of only 74 pounds. She admitted that all she sees in bones when standing in front of a mirror. Her frame is gaunt and she has no hint of her body’s natural curves. Even at the peak of her Anorexia, Janice did not feel pretty.

Dr Oz Anorexia Warning Signs

Janice explained some of her eating habits to Dr Oz, admitting that food overwhelms her. She has a nutritional beverage at breakfast, drinking water or fruit juice throughout the day. For an afternoon snack, she might have a couple crackers and a small amount of cheese. At dinnertime, Janice would have just a few bites of Chicken. Janice said she is scared she will die from this unhealthy obsession.


She told Dr Oz that she hates that her problem has gotten out of control. But she never felt she fit the mold of the “typical anorexic,” because she never felt fat. She remembered a time when she was comfortable with her body, but she did not know what changed, or when.

Janice believed she was doing better after recently getting out of an “uncomfortable living environment” and getting a place of her own. Her weight had started to pick up recently, and she said that her rock bottom is now behind her. She now hopes to alert others and prevent them from experiencing her pain and struggle.

Dr Oz: Pro-Ana Review – Anorexia Website

Dr Oz took on the controversial topic of Anorexia websites such as Pro-Ana, which provide advice and resources for young girls and women who want to learn how to be Anorexic. Sites are proliferating online with videos and guides about this dangerous disorder.

Dr Oz: PrettyThin.com Review

One such site is PrettyThin.com, and it was actually founded by a man named James. His website features a Thinspiration section which critics say encourages women to embrace eating disorders.

James said that his website is intended as a safe haven for Anorexics to share their experiences and deal with the disorder, instead of keeping secrets and hiding the truth from other people. Pretty Thin features testimonials and stories of proud Anorexics.

What do you think about these websites?

Dr Oz Anorexia Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with Anorexia, there are resources available. Here are some tips Dr Oz mentioned.

  • Observe Eating Behavior – If you notice appetite or eating changes, you may try gently bringing up the topic.
  • Seek Professional Help – This is a serious disorder that can spiral out of control, as in Janice’s story. Trained professionals can help Anorexics manage the disorder.
  • Get Family Support – Eating disorders affect friends and family of the sufferer, too. Be sure that caretakers and loved ones have outlets and support.


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