Dr Oz: Are You Anemic? Eggs, Clams & Crabs Prevent Symptoms


Dr Oz: Are You Anemic?

Almost every woman is going to cope with the symptoms of Anemia (such as exhaustion). Are you Anemic? Dr Oz explained how to tell whether you are experiencing the condition and what to do about it.

His Assistant of the Day, Lori, was at the show with her boyfriend, Eric; they attended the show to celebrate her birthday, and being on TV is probably a memorable present. She said she does not know whether she has ever been Anemic? There are 50 million Americans who could be suffering from this problem without knowing it. Could you be one of them?


Dr Oz: Frequent Anemia Symptoms

Dr Oz: Are You Anemic? Eggs, Clams & Crabs Prevent Symptoms

Are you Anemic? Dr Oz said this common condition affects millions of women, and symptoms may sound very familiar. What should you eat more of to get help?

Fatigue and Exhaustion are signs of Anemia. Cold Hands and Feet can also be a warning sign. Pale Skin, Frequent Headaches, and Dizziness are also among the most common symptoms. Lori thought these sounded familiar, and Dr Oz said she could possibly be Anemic.

Anemia is what happens when we don’t have enough oxygenated red blood cells floating around in our bodies. Dr Oz said this can make us feel exhausted or like we are dragging.


Dr Oz: Multivitamin Prevents Anemia

In an illustration, Lori got to ride around on a throne, carried by four men representing red blood cells. Anemia can cause you to lose red blood cells, leaving you without enough energy and making you feel irritable and out of energy.

Dr Oz shared some recommended solutions, such as a multivitamin containing Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, and Iron, which work together in making red blood cells.

Dr Oz Anemia-Fighting Foods: Eggs, Clams & Crabs

To continue getting these nutrients all day long, Dr Oz suggested getting them from food at different meals.

Clams, Crabs, Beef products, Eggs, and Nutritional Yeast (sprinkle it on popcorn!) are all food sources you can rely on to get more of these needed nutrients.

Dr Oz also recommended downloading his AskMD app from the iTunes store to help you self-diagnose Anemia and countless other common conditions.


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