Dr Oz: Aluminum Foil To Move Furniture, Sharpen Scissors & More


Dr Oz: Aluminum Foil To Clean Pans

Dr Oz brought back one of his favorite segments where his viewers share new health uses for everyday items. This time, he was ready to share new uses for aluminum foil. One woman named Nicole shared that she uses aluminum foil to get built up grime off her pots and pans. She said it’s an old family secret that her grandmother would use to clean her dishes after cooking a big Italian meal.

Dr Oz: Aluminum Foil To Move Furniture, Sharpen Scissors & More

We all know aluminum foil can be used to cook things, but did you know there are many more odd uses for foil that you may never have thought of before? (D. Pimborough / Shutterstock.com)


Nicole explained that you take aluminum foil, wad it up into a ball, and scrub the food really well. If it’s really stuck, add baking soda and vinegar to help loosen it up.

Dr Oz: Move Furniture With Aluminum Foil

Another use that Dr Oz said he never would have thought of was to use aluminum foil to easily move furniture. Ronda explained that she tears off aluminum foil into squares and then folds them around furniture legs with the shiny side on the inside because the dull side is slippery.

Dr Oz put it to the test to see how much easier it is to move a couch with aluminum foil on the bottom, versus one that was bare, and it was clear to see that he could move the aluminum foiled couch with ease.


Dr Oz: Quicker Ironing Tip

Dr Oz then had a viewer shared that you can use aluminum foil to get wrinkle-free clothes. One viewer explained that she covers the top of her ironing board with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Then put the ironing board pad over the ironing board and iron as usual. It took her from a 15-minute ironing job to a three-minute chore.

Dr Oz: Sharpen Scissors With Aluminum Foil

Dr Oz had one more tip, which was to use aluminum foil to sharpen your scissors. One woman explained that she fold a piece of aluminum foil in half and then cuts it diagonally. Then fold the aluminum foil again and cut it again. Just cutting the foil sharpens your scissors. Easy as that! Dr Oz then tested to see if the scissors were sharp by seeing if they could be used to cut his nails.


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