Dr Oz: Allergy Shots Vs Allergy Drops & Common Types of Allergies


Dr Oz: Worst Allergy Season In Years Began In February

The worst allergy season in a long time has hit the U.S. and some doctors are saying it is so bad they are referring to it as an allergy epidemic. Allergies are sweeping across the country like never before and they have you feeling worse than they ever have in the past.

Dr Oz: Allergy Epidemic Started In February

Dr Oz: Allergy Shots Vs Allergy Drops & Common Types of Allergies

Dr. Oz went over the types of common allergies, explained why there is an allergy epidemic this year and discussed the difference between allergy shots and drops.


Dr. Clifford Bassett is one of the doctors calling this allergy season an allergy epidemic. He said doctors are seeing more patients than ever before complaining of allergies which could be due to the allergy season starting extra back in February due to the warmer weather many people experienced before temperatures dropped again. He said normally he would not get patients with allergy complaints until around April, except for this year.

Dr. Oz: Tree Pollen, Ragweed Common Types Of Allergies

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Bassett to share the most common types of allergies so he went over a few different types of allergies along with their symptoms. He also told Dr. Oz we as a country need to think about being on an allergy alert this year because it is only going to get worse.

  • Tree Pollen – Takes place in the months of March and April and can cause cold-like symptoms.
  • Grass Pollen – Takes place around Easter and creates a pollen “bomb.”
  • Ragweed – This shows up in the summer months and used to be the worst but more people are complaining of spring allergies now.
  • Mold Spores – These cause problems in the summer months when it gets hot and they are the worst because they are invisible. They can wreak havoc without you even knowing.

Dr Oz: Allergy Drops vs Allergy Shots

Dr. Clifford Bassett believes everyone needs to be more proactive about boosting their immune system which will help prevent allergies from having such an adverse effect on our bodies and will stop them before we start feeling miserable.

  • Allergy Shots – This kind of allergy prevention has been around for more than 100 years and is covered by insurance.
  • Allergy Drops – This is a form of sublingual immunotherapy where the drops are specific to your needs. It is a way to strengthen the immune system and help you build a tolerance so your body is less irritated by allergens in the environment. Dr. Oz’s only concern is that the drops are not approved by the FDA as of yet meaning they are not covered by insurance.


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