Dr Oz: Do You Have Adult ADHD? How To Reduce ADHD Symptoms


Dr Oz: Natural Ways To Find Relief From ADHD Symptoms

Dr Oz: Do You Have Adult ADHD? How To Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Dr Oz shared all-natural ways you can find relief from adult ADHD symptoms so you can better tackle your day. (axelhartmann / Flickr)

Medication isn’t the only solution and it could change your life for the better, not only for you but for everyone around you. If you’re not comfortable with medication, cognitive behavioral therapy can be a big help as well.


Other than medication a great plan for adult ADHD relief includes:

  • Omega-3’s twice a week
  • At least 10 minutes of movement each day
  • Meditation each day to improve focus

If you have a hard time with meditation, try the following three tricks:

  1. Find your meditation destination
  2. Try meditation foreplay (a bath, soothing music, etc.)
  3. Moving meditation, like walking


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