Dr Oz: Adult ADHD Just For Kids? + Stroop Test Self Test Diagnose


Dr Oz: Are You Suffering From ADHD?

Do you have adult ADHD? For the very first time, Dr Oz offered an at-home test to help viewers get a better idea of whether they could have the disorder.

Have you been struggling to finish your work on time or remember to do simple tasks? Is your day completely unorganized? Are you spending far more time daydreaming each day than you think you should? You could have ADHD. If so, the disorder could be the reason for your problems both at work and at home.


Dr Oz: Can Adults Have ADHD? Is ADHD Just For Kids?

ADHD isn’t just for kids. Experts estimate that as many as ten million adults have ADHD, which is 4% of the adult population. Many of the cases are undiagnosed and because their symptoms can be different than in men, some doctors believe women with ADHD are more likely to be overlooked. Could ADHD be the reason you’re moody, exhausted, and anxious?

Fortunately, an at-home test created by the World Health Organization can help you find out if you’re at risk for ADHD.


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