Dr Oz: Adderall Prescriptions Double in 5 Years Due to Faking ADHD


Dr Oz: Doctors Know More About ADHD, Prescribe More Adderall

The dangers of Adderall abuse are very real and Dr. Oz demonstarted that when he talked with the parents of a college student who killed himself after becoming severely addicted to Adderall. The parents of the student told Dr. Oz how they tried to convince doctors to stop giving him the prescription, but to no avail. Keep reading to find out what else Dr. Oz had to reveal about this commonly used and commonly abused drug.

Dr Oz: Family, Close Friends Important To ADHD Patients

Dr Oz: Adderall Prescriptions Double in 5 Years Due to Faking ADHD

Dr. Oz found out why Adderall prescriptions have doubled in the past five years, and he talked with doctors who prescribed Adderall to someone without ADHD.


Rick and Cathy, the parents of Richard who killed himself after becoming addicted to Adderall, told Dr. Oz they constantly begged the doctors to stop prescribing Adderall to their son but no one listened to them. They explained how many of the doctors told them they were being too overbearing and that their son knew his own body better than his parents.

Ned Hallowell, a psychiatrist and ADHD expert, said those doctors were completely wrong in turning away these parents. He explained the involvement of parents and others close to the person diagnosed with ADHD is essential because they can offer support. Although he thinks the doctor/patient confidentiality should never be compromised, a doctor only needs the permission of the patient to discuss their health with another person, such as the parents of the person.

Dr Oz: Adderall Prescribed To Patients Without ADHD

Dr. Oz told the audience he was very passionate about this topic, both from the viewpoints of a doctor and a father, and he wants people without ADHD to stop being prescribed Adderall. Even if many of the people abusing Adderall are doing it to help them get better grades in school, Dr. Oz said there are far too many deadly risks to use it for anything other than treating ADHD.


Dr. Oz personally reached out to the doctors who prescribed Adderall to Richard but several refused to be interviewed and would not let him air their phone call on the show. One doctor did express his deepest apologies to the family for the role he played in their son’s death though. As for the other phone calls, Dr. Oz said he sensed guilt and frustration from most of the doctors he spoke with, even if he was unable to share what they said. He believes all the doctors he talked with feel terrible because they all realize Adderall abuse is running rampant across our country.

Dr Oz: Adderall Prescription Doubles In Past Five Years

Have Adderall prescriptions stayed the same over the years or are more doctors prescribing higher doses of the drug? According to Dr. Oz, prescriptions of Adderall and similar medications have doubled in the past five years. Dr. Oz asked Dr. Ned Hallowell how it could be possible for the prescriptions to double so quickly and Dr. Hallowell said more doctors know more about ADHD which means they are prescribing more drugs to fight it.

However, Dr. Hallowell said a lot of children know how to get Adderall from their doctor by faking ADHD symptoms. Dr. Hallowell said everyone, including doctors and parents, need to be more educated about Adderall.

On a final note, Dr. Oz revealed every college student knows they can do better on a test just by taking Adderall which he believes is far too lax an attitude about such a powerful drug.


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