Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Symptoms & No-Pill Solutions + Barrett’s Esophagus


Dr Oz: Acid Reflux

Dr Oz shared that acid reflux affects about 50% of people and currently a lot of people are taking medications to help with the problem. But new research revealed that those medications could secretly be doing you harm. He wanted to share pill-free ways to deal with those nagging symptoms and to help with the discussion, he welcomed down his Assistant of the Day, Marissa. Marissa and her aunt both suffer from acid reflux.

Dr Oz: Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Symptoms & No-Pill Solutions + Barrett's Esophagus

Do you know the symptoms of acid reflux? Dr Oz explained what to look for and how you can treat the burning pain without a pill.


As Dr Oz said, a lot of people recognize the burning in their chest, but not many people may know that other symptoms of acid reflux include a sour taste int he mouth, hoarse or sore throat, and a chronic cough. Marissa said she gets a burning in her chest that starts in her stomach and works its way up.

Dr Oz: Foods That Cause Acid Reflux

Dr Oz wanted to know if she liked spicy food and she said that as a Mexican woman, she loves it. Dr Oz wanted to explain why certain foods can cause acid reflux. To explain, Dr Oz made three different models of stomachs with esophaguses attached. He said acid reflux causes acid to go up from your stomach, rather than down like it’s supposed to. The sphincter is the muscle that’s supposed to protect you from that happening and if it’s not working correctly, you start to have problems.

Dr Oz explained that if you start your day by drinking coffee, and then enjoy a spicy fajita for lunch, the acid in your stomach is building up and making its way to your esophagus. Then, if you were to enjoy some chocolate that night, the acid would build up so much that it would create that fiery sensation in your chest and throat. Dr Oz said the acid can go on for a long time without treatment, which can cause damage to your esophagus.


Dr Oz: What Is Barrett’s Esophagus?

Dr Oz then showed what a normal esophagus looks like, and then what a thickened, damaged esophagus looks like. Dr Oz explained that the damaged esophagus is one that was affected by Barrett’s Esophagus, which is why acid from your stomach damages and scars the esophagus. That’s how cancer forms in the esophagus.

Dr Oz: No-Pill Acid Reflux Solutions

Dr Oz then wanted to share his no-pill solutions for acid reflux. The first no-pill solution is bananas and oatmeal, which, when eaten together, will reduce acidity. Next, Dr Oz advised leaving at least three hours between when you eat last and when you go to sleep. Marissa demonstrated that she sleeps on her side while cuddling pillows. Dr Oz advised lying on your left side, because lying on your right side can make reflux worse.

He said lying on the left side presses down on the sphincter and somehow helps the stomach process the acid better. He also suggested putting blocks underneath the head of the bed to put it at a little bit of an incline.


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