Dr Oz: 60 Second Life Hacks For Your Car & Kitchen


Dr Oz: 60 Second Life Hacks

Dr Oz revealed a secret about himself: he’s a time and organization freak, that’s why he was so excited to share easy, 60 minute life hacks that will leave you wondering “why didn’t I think of that?” Dr Oz shared a picture of the inside of a woman’s van, and introduced Heidi, a woman who can help you get organized in just 60 seconds. Heidi has two kids, a dog, and “big Bertha” her minivan with more 166,000 miles on it.


Dr Oz: Minivan Organizational Makeover

Dr Oz: 60 Second Life Hacks For Your Car & Kitchen

Dr Oz brought in a super organized mom to share her tips and tricks for getting organized everywhere from the car to the kitchen. (07anycolouryoulike / Flickr)

When Heidi’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, her minivan became her “saving grace.” They had to drive 700 miles one way to see a cancer specialist and were very unorganized for travel. It was that trip that made Heidi realize her minivan needed a makeover. Heidi shared that John is doing great, and they’ve gone four years without an incident. Heidi said she was stressed and overwhelmed, so she knew she needed to do something about it. After organizing her van, her mental health improved.


Dr Oz: Organizing Your Car

Heidi found a way to include everything she could ever need in her car, using organizers that hang on the back of the back seat. Her van was now packed with first aid supplies, bug repellant, toiletries, stationary materials, ponchos, and even barf bags. She packed spoons and forks for eating on the road, and even a travel potty for th ekids. She has fold-up chairs for sporting events, as well as extra football gear for her son.

In the cabin of her van, she uses file hangers to organize each of her kids’ things for while they travel. The organizers hold their books, writing utensils, and anything else they could need. A filing box acts as a table in between the seats, and underneath the seats are zip-up bags with extra clothes for each person. The family certainly loves their minivan!

Dr Oz: Organizing Meals

Heidi doesn’t only organize her car, she also organizes in the kitchen by planning her family meals ahead of time. By planning her meals, she can know exactly what she’s cooking and what she needs to do to get it dine. She has a family cookbook that is full of recipes that her kids will eat. Before a recipe will make it into the binder, the family has to vote. Once it’s in the binder, every week on Sundays, she’ll come up with the meal plan, choosing dinners and lunches from the recipe book and sticking it up on the board. She also does her grocery shopping based on the binder to save time and money.

Heidi shared her lunch drawer, explaining that she packs her kids’ lunches almost every day she can. She likes to add cute muffin liners and notes to her kids’ lunches and uses leftover containers like coffee containers to store them in. Dr Oz explained that it may not take 60 seconds to do these things, but after spending the time originally, it will then take you less than 60 seconds to accomplish tasks that use to take up so much more of your time.

Could you use a little more organization in your life? What tips and tricks do you use around the home to help you stay more organized?


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