Dr Oz: 6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan & Miracle Cure


Dr Oz: 6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan

It’s happened to all of us on occasion. You can’t find your keys or you forget to run an errand on the way home from work. But when do you need to start worrying whether it’s something more than just a fluke of forgetfulness? To discuss Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention, Dr Oz invited Dr Majid Fotuhi to talk about the 6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan and the Miracle Cure that could change the way you think about this debilitating health crisis.

Ongoing research suggests that memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease may be preventable and in some cases reversible, Dr Majid Fotuhi said. This is a personal cause for him, and he spoke about how his father-in-law’s dementia affected his loved ones.


6 Step Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Plan: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared his 6 Step Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Plan & explored ways to grow the brain.

Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s & Brain Size

Did you know that your brain actually shrinks as you age? Size does matter in Alzheimer’s prevention, but there are ways you can grow your brain at any age without resorting to surgery or pills.

Dr Fotuhi discussed studies that slow brain shrinkage and increase brain size, particularly in the Hippocampus region, which stores our memory. That’s why these doctors teamed up to share six ways you can try to grow your brain.


DHA Memory Supplement: Dr Oz

You know that Dr Oz is a fan of Dietary Supplements, and he often shares them for a variety of health applications. DHA is a memory booster that works by increasing blood flow to the brain, while reducing the inflammation and plaque buildup that can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. The recommended dosage is 600 mg daily, and Dr Fotuhi has his whole family take this daily.

Dr Oz: Brain Stimulation

Changing your daily routine is another easy way to boost your brain power. Like a muscle, the brain gets stronger the more you use it. Learning new activities, such as Tango Dancing, or switching hands for everyday tasks, keep the brain working hard to develop new connections.

Wear your watch on the other hand, or try switching the hand you use to brush your teeth. Write backwards, or try writing with the other hand. These types of switches and swaps make your routine more difficult for the brain, but it loves a challenge.

Dr Oz: 7-7-7 Breathing for Stress Relief

Cortisol, the dreaded stress hormone, causes more problems than simply belly fat. It’s also bad for your brain, and conditions such as Sleep Apnea can fuel high Cortisol levels. Dr Oz and his purple gloves demonstrated the difference between a normal brain (full & plump) and the brain of a Dementia Patient (crevasses & gaps). But 7-7-7 Breathing is another way you can calm yourself down and reduce stress.

Here’s how you do it in three easy steps:

  1. Breathe in for 7 seconds.
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  3. Exhale for 7 seconds.

According to the show, employing this breathing technique for stress relief can grow your Hippocampus in as little as two months.

Dr Oz: Memory Teasers

When’s the last time you memorized a phone number? These days, with cell phones and speed dial, we’re remembering less and less. But using the brain is the best way to keep it engaged and growing.

While you may be able to remember up to a dozen names, attempting to recall more than that can strain the brain and challenge it to grow so you can accomplish your goal.

Dr Fotuhi suggested memorizing four items on a shopping list. He talked about visualizing putting each item in your shopping cart, because visualization is a great memory key.

Dr Oz put audience member Stacey on the spot, asking her to memorize 20 things and then quizzing her about them. Thanks to the technique she learned from Dr Fotuhi, Stacey was able to recall the entire list.

Dr Oz: Brain Push Ups

Push Ups are a grueling but useful part of an exercise program, but they’re working out more of your body than you may have realized. Physical fitness helps keep your brain sharp and your memory strong. That’s in part because exercise boosts blood flow and promotes the creation of brain cells.

Dr Oz: Brain Superfoods

Another component of the 6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan is incorporating Brain fueling Superfoods to your regimen. Dr Oz shared some of these recommendations for The Brain Diet.


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