Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure + Signs Of A Heart Attack For Women


Dr Oz: Heart Disease Health Clinic

Dr Oz kicked off his show by sharing that we have the power to save people’s lives. Dr Oz started with a disease that kills more women than any other: heart disease. Dr Oz started a heart healthy clinic, saying it was the most important clinic to date. He gathered a team of more than 100 doctors and volunteers to fight heart disease. At the clinic, Dr Oz explained that they would be checking people’s cholesterol, waist size, and blood pressure.

Dr Oz: High Blood Pressure + Signs Of A Heart Attack For Women

Dr Oz shared the story of a woman with dangerously high blood pressure and then also shared the signs of a heart attack in women. (LeventeGyori / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Dangerously High Blood Pressure

They screened more than 300 people and many got a clean bill of health, but others, not so much. Dr Oz met a woman named Lisa who shared that she’s had chest pain and nausea. Dr Oz shared that Lisa’s healthy cholesterol number was 32, when it needed to be at least 50. Lisa’s triglyceride number was also dangerously high, at 234. Her blood pressure was 177/94 and Dr Oz said he’s sent people to the hospital with numbers like that.

Dr Oz personally took Lisa aside for more testing because of how concerned he was. He took an ultrasound of her test and was happy with the results, but then when he looked at her EKG, he was concerned with how fast her heart was beating due to stress. He told Lisa that everything she was dealing with was fixable. For the next three months, Lisa put herself and her heart first, overhauling her diet and committing to exercise.

Dr Oz: Lowering Blood Pressure & Improving Health

Lisa was ready to share her transformation with Dr Oz’s viewers. They retested her cholesterol and found her number had improved, and shared that her triglyceride number was down almost 100 points. The big issue was her weight, and Lisa shared that she’s lost 36 pounds. Dr Oz then took Lisa’s blood pressure and saw that it was 106/68. A dramatic improvement! Lisa said it was all because of Dr Oz, but he said it was all because of her and her willingness to make the change.


Dr Oz said Lisa’s story was going to inspire someone else to make a change.

Dr Oz: Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms

Dr Oz then shared that for some women, a heart attack can come seemingly out of nowhere, but one woman was able to catch the warning signs early because of The Dr Oz Show. She shared that when she was 31 years old, she was in the best shape of her life and felt invincible. All of the sudden, she became fatigued and was sleeping 12 hours a night but still felt exhausted when she woke up.

She went to a clinic and they gave her a referral to neurology and sent her home. She then thought back to a Dr Oz show that shared symptoms of a heart attack like nausea and dizziness and realized her symptoms matched. She drove herself to an ER, where she found out that she had actually had two heart attacks.

Dr Oz: Heart Attack At 31 Blog

She said now that she’s made a full recovery, she’s made it her mission to be an advocate for women’s health. She started a blog called Heart Attack at 31 to spread the message of heart health for other women to keep them from suffering like she did.

Her name is Sara and she joined Dr Oz on his show to talk about her journey. She said she feels better than ever and said she was fortunate to remember the signs she saw on his show. She said it’s important to save someone else’s life after someone saved yours.

Dr Oz: Signs Of A Heart Attack

Dr Oz explained that the signs of a heart attack in women is different than for men. First, Dr Oz said you can experience pain in many different areas, and Sara said her’s started in her arm and went into her jaw. She said it felt like someone ringing a mop out and sitting on her chest. Another sign is unusual fatigue, and Sara said she was so tired for weeks before the heart attacks that she couldn’t even turn a doorknob.

Other signs are nausea and indigestion, and she said she felt sick to her stomach. Dr Oz said two more signs that Sara didn’t experience are dizziness and shortness of breath. He said shortness of breath is the most dangerous, because it means blood is backing up into your lungs. He also said no one is going to have all of the signs, but if you notice some of the symptoms, immediately call 911 and chew 325 mg of aspirin.


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