Dr Oz: 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan & Pumpkin Facial Mask Recipe


Dr Oz: Kimberly Snyder’s 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan

Vitamins can be a great way to boost the function of your vital organs. That’s why Dr Oz invited Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution, to share advice about using vitamins to boost your body’s functions. She shared her 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan: Dole Portobello Mushrooms, Kimbu, Kale, Nutritional Yeast and Sunflower Seeds. Plus, Dr Oz extolled the importance of Pumpkin Facial Masks, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Sage.

Kimberly said that vitamins are an important way to help maintain a better body. She said that they can achieve important health goals, such as flushing toxins, fighting sugar cravings and lowering the blood pressure in just five days.


If you’re hoping to lose weight or find more energy, these all natural treatments in the 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan could be solutions that work for your life.

Dr Oz: 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan

Kimberly Snyder's 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan can help you lose weight and fight wrinkles, with results in under a week.

Dr Oz: Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds are a great snack at the ballpark, but did you know they are good for your lungs? They contain Vitamin D. Kimberly said you should eat ½ cup of Sunflower Seeds with ¾ cup of Dried Apricots on the first day of the 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan. If you want to make a snack mix, throw in ½ cup of Hazelnuts. Or you can make this in a big batch so it’s always ready when you need a snack.


Dr Oz: Dole Portobello Mushrooms

Vitamin D is also good for your brain, which is why Kimberly recommends eating a cup of Dole Portobello Mushrooms. They are specially grown using UV light to give you your total FDA recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D.

Dr Oz: Nutritional Yeast

Looking to give your intestines some help? They have a big job, and Kimberly suggested choosing B vitamins to help them, such as Nutritional Yeast. She suggested a 1 ½ cup serving.

Dr Oz: Kale

Dr Oz loves Kale (even in Kale Chips), and it’s got great health benefits for your liver, because it’s full of Vitamin K. Just one cup gives you 700% of your FDA recommended allowance.

Dr Oz: Kimbu

Kimbu is an element that helps your thyroid function, along with Iodine, which is found in sea-based vegetables. Just one gram of Kimbu gives you three times your daily allowance, though Dr Oz only said it was “not bad,” so it might not be the best tasting health option. And so ends the 5 Day Miracle Vitamin Plan.

Dr Oz: Alpha Lipoic Acid

Looking to get more energy and fight wrinkles at the same time? Dr Oz had advice on how to do that. He suggested Alpha LIpoic Acid, which is found in your favorite leafy greens. Or you can get it in a 300 mg daily supplement.

Dr Oz: Sage

Sage is a natural weight loss supplement, because it helps streamline digestion. Just add a couple tablespoons to a mug of hot water and it makes a great tea.

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Facial Mask

Pumpkin is a great ingredient in the fight against wrinkles, because it helps the body naturally rebuild collagen. To take it to the next level, you can use Pumpkin to create your own facial mask. Just mix two tablespoons of canned Pumpkin with ½ teaspoon each of Honey and Milk. Leave this on your face for 10 minutes before washing it off.


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