Dr Oz: 4-Hour Body Book Review & 5 Minute Metabolism Jump Start


Dr Oz: 5 Minute Energy Boosters

You may have heard of the 5 Hour Energy drink, but Dr. Oz has five minute energy boosters to help you get through your day. He spoke with author and personal trainer Tim Ferriss to get some tips on how you can Jump Start your day.

Dr Oz: 4 Hour Body Book Review

Dr Oz: 4 Hour Body

Author of "The 4 Hour Body," Tim Ferriss shared his metabolism secrets with Dr Oz, including cold showers.


Tim Ferriss shared secrets to help you improve your mood and find more energy. Tim’s latest book, The 4-Hour Body, is a New York Times #1 Bestseller.

He is always looking for new tips and tricks, which he shares with others online. If they find something that works, he shares it with his readers and audience so they can get the benefits of his latest fitness discoveries.

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Tim Ferriss: Jump Start Your Metabolism

By taking control of your calories, Tim said you can kick start your metabolism no matter how old or young you are. Sleep can also be a factor in your metabolism, so you might have to experiment with your bedroom temperature and sleep position to find the best way for your body.

Dr. Oz said he believes Tim is on the right track and thinks he’s sharing a good message and tools with people who want to transform their bodies. Tim said he wanted to appear on Dr. Oz’s show to help women tackle their complaints about their appearance.

Dr Oz: How To Lose The Last Five Pounds

Dressed in a bathrobe, audience member LaToya confessed that she has been making progress in her weight loss, but can’t seem to shed the last five pounds to get to her goal.

She is exercising, but feels that she needs an extra push to lose the last little bit of weight that’s bothering her.

Dr. Oz: 5 Minute Deep Freeze for Metabolism

Tim shared a trick he learned from NASA, where researchers learned that exposure to cold air can actually double your weight loss. He suggested taking a cold shower for three to five minutes.

LaToya actually did just that, shedding the bathrobe to reveal a bathing suit and stepping into an ice cold shower. She was grimacing but was a good sport about the cold temperatures, putting on a better face than I could, especially on national TV.

Tim said the trick is to use shower water that is 60 degrees or colder. He also suggested using an ice pack on your neck while you are watching TV or just sitting around.

LaToya said she would give cold showers a try if there’s a chance it could help her lose weight.

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Dr. Oz: Kimchi Mood Booster

Another audience member, Alice, said she wants help changing her mood. She is about to get married, and her fiancee said she is always grumpy.

Dr. Oz recommended eating a Korean food called Kimchi, which causes the body to produce more Seratonin. Alice, Tim, and Oz all sampled the food, finding that it tasted better than it smelled.

Alice said she would give it a try so she can boost her mood, and Dr. Oz said sometimes small changes can make an impact on our mood or metabolism.

Dr Oz: Almond Butter Sleep Remedy

Another woman, Carmen, said she tosses and turns in bed each night. Not getting great sleep meant she was tired in the mornings.

Tim said his family used to battle insomnia. He suggested Butter Before Bedtime, which meant taking 2 tablespoons of Almond Butter as a bedtime snack. This can stabilize the blood sugar and help you feel more energized when you wake up.

It sounds worth a try, if it can really make you feel like you’ve slept twice as much as you actually did.

Dr. Oz: Sleep Power Position

Another factor that could be affecting your sleep quality is the position you lay in at night. Tim shared his Power Position that can help you get more sleep.

His suggestion is to limit your movement while maximizing comfort in bed. Lie on your stomach, leaving your left arm and leg straight. But move your right arm and leg up at a 90 degree angle.

Dr Oz: Morning Stretch Routine

Dr. Oz said he starts every morning by stretching to get his blood flowing. He said you should sit in a chair with your feet on the ground and back straight. Then lock your fingers above your head, upside down. Reach to the right, and then to the left, holding the stretch for 20 seconds on each side.

He also suggested taking 100 mg of CoQ10 Q-gels. The gel form helps the supplement absorb faster.

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