Dr Oz: 4-7-8 Breathing Technique & Oz of Dark Chocolate Reduce Stress


Dr Oz: Secret To Cutting Stress

Dr. Oz said the number one topic he gets emails about is stress. Everyone has stress and everyone is trying to get away from it so Dr. Oz called on the help of some experts to go over their best secrets to cut stress. The only criteria for all the stress relievers was that they must be easy, they must be cheap and they must be shortcuts.

Dr Oz: 4-7-8 Breathing Technique & Oz of Dark Chocolate Reduce Stress

Dr. Oz called on the help of three experts to go over their favorite stress relievers, like eating dark chocolate or using the 4-7-8 breathing technique.


Dr Oz Stress Chart

Dr. Oz came up with a stress chart for his viewers so he could see where they were with their stress.

  1. Kind of stressed
  2. Very stressed
  3. Extremely stressed
  4. Losing my s***

4-7-8 Breathing Technique To Stop Stress At Work

LaToya told Dr. Oz her main stressor is her job. She has so much to do everyday, her phone never stops ringing and the emails never stop coming. She said each day at work she is at about a three on Dr. Oz’s scale.

Dr. Oz called on the help of Dr. Andrew Weil to go over his best technique for beating stress.


Dr. Weil said the best way to cut down on stress is by using the 4-7-8 technique. Start by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth and blowing out all your breath. Next close the mouth and breathe in through the nose for four seconds. Next hold your breath for seven seconds and then let it out through your mouth for eight seconds. Dr. Weil said to perform this technique twice a day, every day and you will see your stress levels go down.

Dr.Oz explained this technique works because when your get stressed you begin to take shorter breathes. This forces you to take deep breaths and will quickly change your mood.

Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress From Commuting

Lynn said her biggest stressor is her commute to work. She is always worried about the weather, the traffic conditions, the time she leaves, whether there is an accident and the countless other things that could go wrong on the way to work. She said her stress is usually at a three on Dr. Oz’s scale.

Dr. Kristin Kirkpatrick told Lynn there are two steps she can take to lower her stress on the way to work:

  • Eat one and half ounces of dark chocolate for two weeks. Studies have shown this to lower stress levels significantly. 
  • Gum stops cortisone from building up in the body. Dr. Oz also said the gum will help her direct her focus in another direction.

Create Difference Distractions To Stop Stress

Rosalee said her biggest stressors are her bills. She is constantly trying to balance her budget for the month but it can be difficult for two small children.

To help her, Dr. Oz called on the help of Jenn Hartstein who replied over Twitter with, “Need to de-stress? Create new sensation. Hold ice in hand for as long as u can. By focusing on it, u don’t focus on stress, which decreases.”

Basically, by creating something else for your mind to focus on, you will stop focusing on stress.


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