Dr Oz: 3 Ways To Be More Decisive & Circle of Truth for Decisionmaking


Dr Oz: Circle of Truth for Decisionmaking

Marcia was on Dr Oz’s show to talk about her paralysis and indecision when it comes to making even the smallest choices. What can Marcia or others like her do? Author and expert Noreena Hertz said that perfectionism can be a trap that prevents you from realizing your goals and ambitions. “It’s OK to make mistakes. We all make mistakes,” she said. Here’s how you can learn to be more decisive.

Noreena shared her Circle of Truth exercise with Marcia. She said to imagine a circle and fill it with the things that truly matter to you. You will realize that the small decisions don’t fall into that circle.


“You’re using your energy on decisions that don’t matter. You need to save your energy for the decisions that do,” Noreena said. Marcia said that she is afraid of being judged for making the wrong moves, but Noreena pointed out that Marcia is the one who is judging herself.

Dr Oz: 3 Ways To Be More Decisive & Circle of Truth for Decisionmaking

Do you want to know how to make decisions more effectively? Noreena Hertz and Dr Oz shared their perspectives and tools to help you be more decisive daily.

Noreena also pointed out that Marcia has a track record of making plenty of good decisions. Dr Oz said that what other people say about you is none of your business.


Dr Oz: How To Stop Being Indecisive

How can you make better decisions if you feel that you are Indecisive? Noreena told Dr Oz that we are making more decisions in our lives than ever before in history, as many as 10,000 per day, starting the moment you wake up until you fall asleep again at night.

“We make 227 decisions just about food,” Noreena said, bringing in social media, apparel, and countless other avenues where we could get lost in making choices. Perfectionists are often afraid of making a misstep, which can paralyze them from moving forward. What can you do to move past this?

Dr Oz: Daily Decision Journal

Noreena’s advice was to relabel yourself as a good decision maker. Focus on your accomplishments and all the things you have gotten right in the past. Don’t just look at the negatives!

Try writing down three good decisions you have made at the end of each day, which could help you start to shift your self-perception.

Dr Oz: 3 Ways To Be More Decisive

What are the biggest takeaways that Noreena thinks we can all use to make better decisions?

  1. Put a five-minute time limit on small decisions, such as meals or what to wear.
  2. Only give yourself three options when making a purchase, for example.
  3. Set a firm deadline and prepare in advance for big decisions, such as a career change.

“This whole process frees your mind to do the things it needs to do,” Dr Oz said. Noreena said that setting these boundaries can help you to prepare for the steps you want to take.

When you are facing big decisions, make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and are in a good state of mind. Dr Oz said that indecision is an enemy in the operating room and everywhere in life.


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