Dr Oz: 10 Cent Tips to Curb Depression, Blood Pressure & Stop Bloating


Dr Oz: 10 Cent Solution To Everyday Health Problems

Dr. Oz knows his audience is on a budget but they want to be as healthy as they can possibly be so he came up with three 10 cent solutions that will fix some of your everyday health problems.

Tennis Balls Lower Blood Pressure

Kelly Ann wrote in to Dr. Oz saying she has high blood pressure. About six months ago her doctor upped the dose of her prescription and she wanted to know if there was an all-natural way for her to reduce her blood pressure.


Dr Oz: 10 Cent Tips to Curb Depression, Blood Pressure & Stop Bloating

Dr. Oz had three 10 cents tip for lowering blood pressure, stopping depression for good and relieving your bloated stomach.

With around one in every three American suffering from high blood pressure, this is a common problem but only if you don’t have a tennis ball laying around. Dr. Oz said studies have shown squeezing hand grips or a tennis ball can actually lower your blood pressure.

He suggested squeezing the grips or tennis ball two minutes in both hands, two times a day, three times a week.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Curb Depression

Diana wrote in to Dr. Oz saying she was diagnosed with depression some time ago but she wants to get off her medication because she is hoping to start a family.

With about one in every 10 people in America suffering from depression, Dr. Oz has the perfect solution. He said studies have shown eating omega-3 fatty acids can improve your mood and stop mood swings.

He suggested taking 100 mg of omega-3 fatty acids three times a week or eating fish like salmon, anchovies or tuna twice a week.

Wide Squat Yoga Stance Relieves Bloating

The final health problem came from Amanda who said she always feels bloated and gassy and she wanted something simple she can do to relieve the bloat.

Dr. Oz said he had a perfect yoga position for her to try. The position is called wide squat. Simply get into a squatting position, place one hand on the ground and then place the hand reaching for the sky while twisting your hips. Dr. Oz said this should release any gas.

Dr Oz’s Little Helpers

To finish off the show, Dr. Oz looked at some pictures of little kids helping out around the house. One showed a little girl helping her mother make a Dr. Oz smoothie, while another one showed a little kid helping her mother do the dishes.


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