Dr Oz Health Myths: Does Going Out With Wet Hair Make You Sick?


Dr Oz: Health Myths & Old Wives Tales

From the time we are born, our parents are the source of much of our knowledge, and that includes what we learn about health. The flaw in this system is that we sometimes forget to question the things we’re told, and we could go decades without realizing we’re operating based on inaccurate information. This Dr Oz episode featured the truth behind some of the most popular health myths of all time. Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis? Is a dog’s mouth sanitary? What does green mucus mean? As usual, Dr Oz had all the answers. Want more myths debunked? Find out if a dog’s mouth is sanitary & more.

Dr Oz went coast to coast, collecting health questions and myths from viewers all over the country. Sleeping in socks won’t make you go blind, and smoking doesn’t make you shrink. But losing 35 pounds can add one inch to a man’s penis, so not all health myths are false. Walking barefoot on marble floors won’t give you varicose veins, though, and you won’t get sick from being out in the rain while on your period. With the speed round out of the way, Dr Oz got to some of the most talked about health myths ever.


Chicken Soup Cures Colds

Dr Oz: Does Going Out With Wet Hair Make You Sick?

Does going out with wet hair make you sick? Dr Oz debunked some Health Myths & Old Wives Tales.

Audience member Angie told Dr Oz that her mother always made her Chicken Soup when she was sick. This is a habit she’s continued with her own children, and she thinks that it could be the sodium in the broth that’s helping sick kids get rehydrated.

This is true. To explain what’s going on here, Dr Oz used a beaker and an egg. The beaker stood for the human body, while the egg represented Chicken Soup. Dr Oz lit a piece of paper on fire and stuck it in the beaker. Then he put the egg on the top, and it was sucked into the beaker, just as the body absorbs the soup.


Dr Oz said that Chicken Soup aids your immune system in reducing inflammation in the body. If you’re not feeling hungry when you’re sick, just inhaling the scent of hot Chicken Soup can give you some of the healing benefits.

Does Going Out With Wet Hair Make You Sick

I know you’ve heard this one before: will going outside with your hair still wet make you more likely to catch a cold?

This is false. To explain why, Dr Oz enlisted Tracey and Doreen from the audience. Tracey said she learned this from her mother, while Doreen didn’t believe this was true.

Each woman got a separate strand of fake hair. Tracey’s represented wet hair, and Doreen’s stood in for dry hair. At the same time, they dunked their strands in beakers to see which would absorb liquid the fastest. But it turned out that they were equal, which proved that this idea isn’t true.

The caveat is that it’s much easier to catch a cold in the winter. He explained this using two dolls in separate aquariums (a lot of props today, Dr Oz!). He dropped a piece of tinfoil (representing Germs) into the winter aquarium, and it sank immediately, landing on the doll.

When he did the same thing in the Summer aquarium, it floated more slowly before eventually dropping down. Dr Oz explained that germs float around in the air much more in the summertime, giving you a greater chance to escape from them than you have in the winter.


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