Anorexia Rehab: Dr Oz Anorexia Treatment Intervention Results


Dr Oz Anorexia: Bryan Bixler Anorexia Rehab

There was so much to cover on the Dr Oz Anorexia episode that he spent the entire hour on this topic, including Pro-Ana Sites such as He also talked about Anorexia Rehab recovery options such as the Shades Of Hope Treatment Center and spoke with young women about their Pro-Ana Diet advocacy. Finally, Dr Oz shared a story of hope about Bryan Bixler, who has recovered from Anorexia.

In 2010, Dr Oz met Bryan Bixler, a man whose personal struggle with Anorexia saw his weight dip to 75 pounds. But even at that weight, Bryan still believed he was fat. After appearing on Dr Oz, he got help at the Rosewood Treatment Center.


Bryan Bixler Anorexia Recovery: Dr Oz

Anorexia Rehab & Anorexia Treatment: Dr Oz

Dr Oz offered four women Anorexia Rehab Treatment at the conclusion of his Anorexia Intervention show.

Bryan said Anorexia Rehab truly changed his life. He is now happier and healthier, physically and mentally. He thanked Dr Oz for getting him the help he needed. Brian said he believed he would be dead if not for Dr Oz’s intervention.

Dr Oz revealed that he had invited Brian to share his success on the show with the hope that his journey could inspire the four Anorexic women to make changes in their own lives.


Dr Oz Anorexia Intervention

Bryan told young women Amanda and Britney that they were on the path to full on Anorexia, and the bitter end of that road is eventual death.

“Anorexia takes everything from you,” Bryan said, adding that death is the endpoint if an Anorexic doesn’t get help or treatment for the disorder.

Dr Oz Anorexia Treatment: Shades Of Hope Treatment Center

Britney admitted that she expected to die if she did not get help with her Anorexia. She had a breakthrough, realizing that she other others were endangering their lives.

Tennie McCarty from Shades Of Hope Treatment Center said that an Anorexic’s brain works less and less as she or he continues to starve it over a long period of time.

Tennie offered all the Anorexic women on Dr Oz’s show the opportunity to get treatment through Shades Of Hope. She cautioned that there is no quick fix, but the help was there for them if they were ready to take advantage of it. Did they accept Tennie’s offer?

Anorexia Rehab: Dr Oz Anorexia Treatment Intervention Results

Dr Oz surveyed each of his four Anorexic guests to learn whether they would take Tennie up on her offer to help them overcome their disease. Here is what each of them had to say.

  • Lynn – Lynn is ready to get help because she does not want Anorexia to kill her.
  • Janice – Janice was reluctant and said she would like to know more before making a commitment.
  • Britney – Britney said she is already on the path to recovery on her own, but said she would accept help in the event of a relapse.
  • Amanda – Amanda said she did not feel sick, and still needed to lose more weight. But ultimately she agreed to accept the treatment.


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