CBS This Morning: Pope Francis Inauguration & Obama Visits Middle East


CBS This Morning: Pope Francis Inaugurated

On March 19 2013, Pope Francis I had his inauguration into the Roman Catholic Church. He is the 266th leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

CBS This Morning reported that these used to be called “enthronements.” The Pope’s service was full of ritual and tradition. He connected with the crowd and several times he stopped the car to kiss babies and bless the disabled.


The Church invited many dignitaries from around the world, including U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. During the service, 500 priests gave the crowd communion. People are still meeting and greeting Pope Francis I as the Church celebrates this day.

CBS This Morning: Final Day Of Winter

CBS This Morning: Pope Francis Inauguration & Obama Visits Middle East

President Obama visits Middle East on March 19 2013 to discuss concerns over an Iran nuclear threat and the rocky relationships with leaders. (K2 images /

With just hours to go until the first day of Spring, the country still is covered in white and growing severe weather challenges. Worschester, Massachusetts has seen 100 inches of snow this year and they are still receiving a winter weather beating today. CBS This Morning reported that they have gone far over their winter weather budgets this year clearing roads and making the commute safer. New England is getting the brunt of the storm today.


In the south, softball sized hail and 50 MPH winds have ravaged communities. People are losing power and tornado warnings are springing up. The final day of winter is looking different all across the map.

CBS This Morning: President Obama Visits the Middle East

March 19 2013 will be President Obama‘s first trip to the Middle East. He will visit Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. He will address the conflicts that are dividing the countries and causing a rocky relationship with the U.S. He said there is a need for trust between the leaders.

He made a video recently for the Iranians to welcome in their Persian New Year. He expressed growing concern about the nuclear threat in Iran.

CBS This Morning: Violence In Baghdad

A suicide car bomber killed 56 people and wounded 200 when he drove through town.

In a recent poll, 54% said going to war with Iraq was a bad decision. It’s a complete flip from 2003, when 69% supported the decision.

CBS This Morning: Cyprus Bailout Deal

Cyrus has decided to tax bank deposits in a move to save the country’s economy. The public has started protesting the decision. Banks and cash machines were busy as citizens went to withdraw their money. The banks will now be closed for several days in an attempt to stop the people from bleeding them dry.

The country needs a financial bailout. They have been offered a $13 billion rescue package and the terms include taxing bank deposits. The package is very unpopular and the markets are going down.


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