CBS This Morning: FBI Leads Gardner Museum Heist & Steubenville Case


CBS This Morning: $500 Million In Artwork Stolen

On March 18 1990, thieves broke into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. They convinced the guards to open the building and then bound and gagged them. They then stole $500 million of artwork from the museum. They cut the art from the frames and the art was never seen again. The empty frames still hang in the museum as a reminder of what was lost.

CBS This Morning: FBI Leads Gardner Museum Heist & Steubenville Case

23 years after $500 million in art was stolen, the FBI has leads on the thieves.


Among the artifacts lost were works from Rembrandt, Vermeet, Degas and Manet. In total 13 masterpieces were stolen and haven’t been seen since. Now, 23 years later, the FBI in Boston believe they have identified the criminals that took the art.

CBS This Morning: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist

The FBI is not naming names yet, but they are confident that they know who took the art. They believe the art was taken to Connecticut and sold the year after the heist. It is thought the members of a New England crime ring were behind the heist.

The last anyone heard about the art was that it was offered for sale in the Philadelphia area. The current owner of the art probably had nothing to do with the heist. It was said that the art is worthless to anyone but the museum and they are offering a $5 million reward for the art. Whoever comes forward with information about the artwork would be given immunity from prosecution.


CBS This Morning: Steubenville Case

Two teen boys were sentenced to one and two years in juvenile court for their actions against a teen girl. The case blew up over social media and now it’s only getting worse. Two teen girls were arrested yesterday in Steubenville, Ohio for threatening the female victim. Investigators want to look at the boys’ coach because he may have impeded the investigation.

The prosecutors want to protect the witnesses and will take these new developments seriously. Some wonder why the two boys didn’t get longer sentences for their actions, but the juvenile system is based on rehabilitation – less time in jail and more time in therapy and prevention.

This case is just a huge reminder to teens. Everything shows up somewhere on the internet. Teens should have more regard for the consequences.


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