CBS: Russian All-Girl Protest Band 60 Minutes & Housing Market Upswing


CBS This Morning: Headlines

6-day mail still at issue under new funding plan – The Washington Post: A short term funding bill could require Saturday mail to continue. Weekend mail was going to be shut down in August.

Recall Is an Expensive Setback for a Maker of Yoga Pants – The New York Times: Lululemon’s recent recall of 17 percent of their yoga pants is estimated to cost $60 million. This will be a huge setback for the company.


Need a jolt? Death Wish Coffee promises a kick in the pants – Los Angeles Times: Death Wish Coffee is the world’s strongest coffee with twice the caffeine. If you can find a stronger coffee, you get your money back.

Blind dog and his seeing eye dog rescued in San Bernadino – The Sun: The doggy pair was found roaming the streets together and was rescued by a local shelter. The shelter promises to put them up for adoption, but only if they are kept together.

CBS This Morning: Real Estate Going Up

CBS: Russian All-Girl Protest Band 60 Minutes & Housing Market Upswing

All-girl protest band Pussy Riot wants to send the message to never stop fighting. (elvistudio /


Home sales in February were up last month 8/10 of a percent. It is the biggest jump in nearly three years with sales reaching 4.98 million homes sold. Experts told CBS This Morning that the market is coming back. No one was buying for about six years, but this new upswing looks like the beginning of a long, sustainable recovery. From February 2012 to February 2013, sales went up seven percent.

The good news about the housing market coming back is that new jobs will be created. People will need more goods to furnish homes, landscapers and home decorators than before, experts predict.

The problem now is housing affordability. There is not enough inventory available at the right prices. Housing experts said that the amount of new home buyers has also dropped from 40 percent to 30 percent.

CBS This Morning: Band Pussy Riot Imprisoned In Russia

An all-girl protest band, Pussy Riot, staged a protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin at a mosque last year. Two members of the band were imprisoned but two members escaped the police. They are still hiding out and performing in secret.

The drummer of the band spoke to 60 Minutes about how she’s not giving up. She wants to send the message that you should never stop fighting. The drummer told 60 Minutes, while wearing her balaclava, that she is worried about the police. She believes she will be left alone if she keeps a low profile.

The band’s provocative name, mission and protest in the church earned them a lot of buzz online. Russia is now afraid that there will be protests at the Winter Olympics.


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