CBS: McMuffin Gets an Egg White Makeover & Lewy’s Body Dementia Risks


CBS This Morning: Healthy Fast Food

With a growing trend in health foods, fast food restaurants are rushing to keep up. They are changing classic menu items and offering alternatives to make customers feel healthier.

McDonald’s has introduced snack wrap sandwiches. There are multiple chicken and flavor options to choose from. Their classic egg McMuffin is getting a redo next month with only egg whites. Nutritionists say this only makes a 50 calorie difference. They said they would go with the original because there are many nutrients in an egg yolk.


CBS: McMuffin Gets an Egg White Makeover & Lewy's Body Dementia Risks

McDonald’s hopes to get their customers healthy by introducing egg whites and sandwich wraps. (Bikeworldtravel /

Other restaurants, like Carl’s Jr. and Burger King, have rolled out a turkey burger. Carl’s Jr points out that while it may sound healthier, their food is meant to be indulgent and full of calories. Wendy’s will introduce their flat bread chicken sandwiches next week.

CBS This Morning: Chris Christie Answers Questions From Kids

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie answered questions from kids this week when he visited a school that had just reopened after Super Storm Sandy. The kids had the best questions.


“Was the President’s wife enchanting?” one little girl asked. Gov. Christie told the students she was very smart and a wonderful lady.

They also asked if he arrived in a limo and commented that they often saw him on TV.

CBS This Morning: Lewy’s Body Dementia Warning Signs

A new study from the Mayo Clinic shows that people who act out their dreams are more likely to develop dementia. Dr James Galvin told CBS This Morning that this means punching, kicking and thrashing about in your sleep without realizing it. Your bedmate is the only person that would notice.

Sleep is the time when we solidify our memories. When our REM sleep is disturbed, this raises your risk for Lewy’s Body Dementia. It affects 75 to 80 percent of men. 1.3 million Americans are affected by Lewy’s Body Dementia.

To take preventative steps, Dr Galvin recommends getting a sleep study to improve your sleep. There are also medicines that can help. They know that this does not cause the dementia, but it increases your risk.


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