CBS: Karen Bartlett Generic Drug Lawsuit & Vatican Finances In Trouble


CBS This Morning: Vatican Finances In Trouble

As Pope Francis had his inaugural mass on March 19 2013, he ushers in a new era for the Vatican’s finances. One of the things he will work on is getting the Vatican’s finances back in order.

The Vatican is actually a business. The Vatican bank is in financial trouble. The bank’s account holders are all priests and employees of the Church. They’ve used the accounts for their unsavory transactions and to give brag money to political parties.


The European Union asked that the Vatican open the accounts for public eyes. They seized $30 million and the bank still keeps dealings private. Cardinal Wilfred Napier is supposed to sign off on the dealings, but even he can’t get into the books.

CBS This Morning: Nation’s Infrastructure Improving

CBS: Karen Bartlett Generic Drug Lawsuit & Vatican Finances In Trouble

CBS This Morning reported the story of Karen Bartlett, a mother who had horrible side effects from taking a generic drug. She wants manufacturers to take more care when making generic drugs.

The America Society of Civil Engineers said the nation’s infrastructure is improving. They gave the U.S. a D+ grade, the first time it is up in 15 years. Private financing and stimulus are the credit for the improvements. They said to improve even further, the country must invest more than $3.6 trillion by 2020.


CBS This Morning: Alzheimer’s On the Rise

A new study shows that one in three seniors has Alzheimer’s Disease or forms of dementia when they die. While this is not always the cause of death, seniors may forget to take their medications. It is estimated that the number of seniors with mind deteriorating conditions will rise to 14 million by 2050.

CBS This Morning: Glory Road

In 1966 Texas Western beat Kentucky and achieved a milestone in college sports. 47 years ago today the first all-black starting lineup made history and won the NCAA tournament. Before then only two to three black players would be on the court at a time. The moment inspired the film Glory Road. 

CBS This Morning: Generic Drug Lawsuit

Generic drugs may be less expensive, but all drugs can have horrible side effects. 80% of Americans take generic drugs now and the New York Times said that spending on drugs dropped last year for the first time in 50 years.

The Supreme Court is hearing the case of Karen Bartlett. Nine years ago Bartlett was a normal mother that enjoyed going to her son’s school functions and spending time with family. She went to the doctor for shoulder pain and her prescribed her an anti-steroid medication. She began developing a rash and in 24 hours she was in a drug-induced coma. She is now legally blind and requires constant care.

Bartlett sued the drug maker because she was using a generic drug. Generics are meant to be genetic duplicates and just as safe as the name brand, but less expensive. She won her lawsuit, but the drug maker said they can’t be held liable and she should be suing the generic maker. Side effects are rare but can be catastrophic, CBS This Morning said. You should only take drugs if there is going to be a big benefit. Bartlett hopes that this lawsuit will push manufacturers to make generic drugs safer for patients. It could cause prices to rise.


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