CBS: Hillary Clinton Supports Gay Marriage & NYC Cigarette Display Ban


CBS This Morning: Hillary Clinton Supports Gay Marriage

This week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton broke her silence. She hasn’t spoken out about much since she stepped down from office last month, but now there is speculation she could be gearing up for a 2016 Presidential campaign.

Clinton has openly supported the gay community in the past, but she released a video supporting same sex marriage this week. In her race for the presidency in 2008, Clinton supported civil unions for gay couples. With two gay marriage cases going before the Supreme Court next week, Clinton’s camp is calling the timing “natural.”


CBS: Hillary Clinton Supports Gay Marriage & NYC Cigarette Display Ban

Hillary Clinton is openly expressing her support of gay marriage and a fair and equal society. (fotostory /

Is Clinton done with politics? This video is causing some to say no. Clinton said in a radio interview that she was done with politics, is writing a book about her time as Secretary of State and wants to work with women’s issues. A former Obama staffer told the media that Clinton would be the candidate to beat.

Either way, Hillary Clinton is working toward a freer and fairer country for all. As evidence of the change, 58% of Americans now support gay marriage.


CBS This Morning: NYC Ban On Cigarettes

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to get his city healthier. He’s tried to ban oversized sugary sodas from the city, and now he wants to ban in store cigarettes being openly displayed. Similar bans exist in Canada and Europe, but NYC would become the first city in the U.S. to have this ban.

A study showed that children are 2.5 times more likely to use cigarettes when they are repeatedly exposed to the displays in stores. The ads for cigarettes would not be removed. The NYC Association of Convenience Stores said the ban is ridiculous. It seems that NYC has become an “incubator of novel health initiatives,” one man said.

CBS This Morning: Headlines From Around the Globe

Former UCF student who killed himself had planned wider attackOrlando Sentinel: A University of Central Florida student who killed himself on March 18 2013 in his dorm room had big plans for his dorm. Police found drafted plans and weapons to attack and kill others in his dorm room.

New guidelines for concussion managementSan Francisco Chronicle: The American Academy of Neurology urges any athlete who is suspected to have a concussion to leave the field immediately. They can only return after being cleared by a health professional. This is the first new regulation since 1996.

Workers Saving Too Little For RetirementWall Street Journal: A new study shows that less than 57% have $25,000 in savings and 28% of Americans have no confidence they will retire.

Unwanted Electronic Gear Rising In Toxic Stock PilesThe New York Times: Toxic glass from older screens is piling up. The new flat screen technology has caused models to be outdated and much of the glass contains lead.

Google Street View from 22,000 feetLos Angeles Times: Google has now included images from four of the tallest points in the world. The highest image comes from a South American mountain 22,000 feet high.


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