CBS: Ron White Memorizes 2,190 Fallen Soldiers’ Names In 10 Months


CBS This Morning: Ron White Memorizes Names

Ron White is a two-time National Memory Champion. He can walk into a room of 100 people, meet them all and then name them off perfectly. His latest task was a little more challenging, but it held a very emotional connection.

White decided to memorize the 2,190 names of the fallen soldiers from the war in Afghanistan. He is a eight year veteran of the U.S. Navy and served in the war. White told CBS This Morning that it took him 10 months, from May 1 to the end of February, to memorize every name and their rank in service.


CBS: Ron White Memorizes 2,190 Fallen Soldiers' Names In 10 Months

Two-time National Memory Champ Ron White memorized the 2,190 names of the fallen soldiers from the war in Afghanistan.

CBS This Morning: Mental Monument

Gayle King called it a “mental monument” to the fallen men and women. White said he became curious about their families and who these people were when he was learning the names, but he waited until all was memorized before talking to their families.

He said it was a very emotional and meaningful experiment for him. He can recites the names orally and also writes them on a large dry erase board. The cameras follow his progress and families come to see his feats of memory.


CBS This Morning: Memorizing 2,190 Names

In order to memorize all of the names, White visioned a map of his hometown. At each place on the map, he assigned it a name. He said she would see names on magazine racks and store fronts.

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