CBS: Ringling Bros Andre McClain & American Caddy At St. Andrews Book


CBS This Morning: An American Caddy At St. Andrews

Add another person to the list of famous people who have attended St. Andrews in Scotland. Oliver Horovitz decided to delay going to Harvard to be a caddy at St. Andrews. He said the entire city is made up of three streets and everyone golfs.

Horovitz went to school at St. Andrews for a year and played on their golf team. He loved it so much he wanted to return as a caddy. He’s written a new book called An American Caddy At St. Andrews.


CBS This Morning: Becoming a Caddy

CBS: Ringling Bros Andre McClain & American Caddy At St. Andrews Book

CBS This Morning talked to Andre McClain, the ringmaster for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. (s_bukley /

Horovitz began playing golf at age nine. He went as a golfer two years in a row for Halloween and used to doodle golf balls on his school notes.

To become a caddy, one has to go through a strenuous training system. You begin shadowing an older caddy, go into 30 assist rounds and then take a written exam. After all of that, Horovitz said, you might become a caddy.


There is a caddy hierarchy. The old men that have been there forever sit at the top, followed by full-time caddies and at the bottom are the shadows. Horovitz said he started at the very bottom of the totem pole.

CBS This Morning: Being a Caddy

Horovitz said he started as a very talkative caddy and the men didn’t know what to make of him. He said the best caddies can take 10 to 15 shots off their golfer’s round. They know the game and pick the perfect clubs. Horovitz came in with a 1.8 handicap in his own game, but playing golf is different. Caddies think of course management.

Horovitz learned that you never question a caddy in front of the golfer. He has since caddied for Larry David and Huey Lewis and The News.

CBS This Morning: Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus

The longest running live show in the world is the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Ringmaster Andre McClain told CBS This Morning about his 11 years at the show.

He started out with just a love of animals. He would ride his horse to school and was made fun of in school for wearing cowboy boots. McClain is the third black ringmaster in the history of the show and the first singing equestrian ringleader in 100 years. McClain said that he loves sharing the circus with kids. They have celebrity choreographers and fantastic costumes. This is the 143rd year of the show and attendance is up 5% annually.

The treatment of circus animals came up in their conversation. McClain said they have the best care for their animals with Ringling and it’s better than some humans’ insurance. He houses his own horses there. They have a vet on staff 24 hours and grooms are always with the animals.


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