CBS Sunday Morning: New Fleetwood Mac Tour & Golden Age of Television


CBS Sunday Morning September 28, 2014 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the articles for this episode:

CBS Sunday Morning has a great episode in store for us September 28, 2014. They’ll be looking at why Sunday night is prime time now, a race car driver and his family, a spotlight on the ventriloquist convention, and an interview with the iconic and legendary band Fleetwood Mac. You won’t want to miss it!


Fleetwood Mac will sit down with CBS Sunday Morning on September 28, 2014, to talk about their first tour together in 17 years.  (s_bukley /

Fleetwood Mac will sit down with CBS Sunday Morning on September 28, 2014, to talk about their first tour together in 17 years. (s_bukley /

Sunday Morning: Golden Age of Television

In the cover story for Sunday Morning, Tracy Smith will take a look at some of our favorite shows on Sunday night, including The Good Wife, Downton Abbeyand Game of Thrones and discuss why Sunday night has become a critical prime time spot. She’ll also discuss why she believes we’re in a new golden age of television.

Sunday Morning: Funny Car Driver John Force

Lee Cowan will talk to funny car driver John Force, who has been driving a car that can go from zero to 300 miles per hour in under for seconds for years. John Force has even passed down his need for speed to his three daughters Ashley, Courtney, and Brittany, who are all top drag racers. The family is known as the “First Family of Drag Racing” and Lee Cowan will drive across the track with a few pointers from the family.


Sunday Morning: Ventriloquist Convention

Edgar Bergen and his dummy Charlie McCarthy helped popularize the comedic art form of ventriloquism and now a half century later, a new generation is taking over. Bill Geist will go to the ventriloquist convention to find out all about it.

Sunday Morning: Fleetwood Mac Tour

Legendary band Fleetwood Mac are about to go on their first tour together in more than 17 years and John Blackstone will sit down with them with a look at the band’s career, both its past and future.

Sunday Morning: Is Swing Dancing Making A Comeback?

Sunday Morning will also have a number of other stories, including a new monument in Washington dedicated to wounded soldiers and a report from Michelle Miller on how swing dancing is making a comeback. Really? Yes, really. So put on your dancing shoes and thrown on the “Zoot Suit Riot” and get ready to dance on Sunday Morning September 28, 2014!


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