CBS Sunday Morning: Mandatory Minimum, Gillian Flynn & Cork Trees


CBS Sunday Morning October 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this edition.

Wake up this weekend with CBS Sunday Morning, as the October 5 edition brings us a host of fascinating stories from culture and society to ponder over coffee. From mandatory minimum sentencing to the author behind the weekend’s big movie opening, Gone Girl, it’s 90 minutes that will give you plenty to think about or discuss over brunch.


Sunday Morning: Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

CBS Sunday Morning: Mandatory Minimum, Gillian Flynn & Cork Trees

CBS Sunday Morning will take a look at the downside of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing laws on the October 5 broadcast. ( /

The morning’s cover story, reported by Erin Moriarty, delves into the concept of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing. Though it was put in place with good intentions, people from all sides of the justice system have seen its flaws.

Why did a father receive a 20-year sentence for protecting his family with a warning shot? What do these policies mean for first-time offenders and their families? Should the circumstances play a part in sentencing?


Get the full story from CBS Sunday Morning on October 5.

CBS Sunday Morning: Cork Trees

The last time you popped open a bottle of wine, did it have a cork or a twist top? Martha Teichner visited Portugal, home to over half of the world’s supply of cork. However, the use of cork is on the decline among winemakers, replaced by other alternatives. Nevertheless, a timeless tradition of cork production endures, as you can observe on Sunday Morning.

Sunday Morning: Gillian Flynn Gone Girl

The author who adapted her own bestselling novel into a box office thriller with director David Fincher, Gillian Flynn, will reflect on her moment in the world spotlight during the film’s opening weekend. She has some thoughts to share on anger and other emotions we don’t often see women portray in pop culture. Tune in October 5.

CBS Sunday Morning: It’s Only a Play

Lesley Stahl is rubbing elbows with some Broadway A-listers from the revival of Terrence McNally’s It’s Only a Play. She will talk with a cast that includes Stockard Channing, Nathan Lane, Rupert Grint and more. See this on Sunday Morning.

What else is ahead? Stories exploring rock musician Billy Idol, the world of gamers, and sea lions in California are among the morning’s other highlights. Be sure to watch or check out the recaps.


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