CBS Sunday Morning: Judson Manor + Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss


CBS Sunday Morning: Cleveland Retirement Home

How does music bring us together? Steve Hartman explained this from a Cleveland, Ohio, retirement community. Plus, learn about famed Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss.

Residents from their 60s to their 90s call Judson Manor home, and so does 24-year-old Marissa Plank. She lives on the 10th floor in a one-bedroom apartment. She loves being there and is not looking forward to graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Music, because it means she will have to move out.


Sunday Morning: Judson Manor Musicians

CBS Sunday Morning: Judson Manor + Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss

Steve Hartman met a young student living in a retirement community, where she gets free rent in exchange for musical performances. (karamysh /

As a student, she learned about a sweet deal: free rent for monthly performances. She could not pass up that deal, and she has found that retirement living is wonderful. She and two other students are in residence at Judson.

Residents agree that it’s nice to have a few young residents as a part of the community. “It became more like a family than a job,” Marissa said, referring to the fellow residents as her grandparents.


CBS Sunday Morning: Bringing Old & Young Together

Hartman noted that America is as segregated by race as it is by age. But the young and old have come together at Judson, and residents here hope that this type of program will spread so that others can reap the benefits, which seem to go both ways.

CBS Sunday Morning Almanac: Conscientious Objector Desmond Doss

On October 12, 1945, the Congressional Medal of Honor award ceremony took place. President Harry Truman honored 15 veterans of World War II. Corporal Desmond Doss, a Seventh Day Adventist, was the first Conscientious Objector to win the award.

Doss served as an unarmed medic during the Battle of Okinawa, and in one day he carried 75 wounded men to safety, while dodging enemy fire. He devoted most of his life after the war to his church.

During the Vietnam War, the Seventh Day Adventists trained their Conscientious Objectors to become medics, at a Michigan camp named in honor of Doss. Desmond Goss passed away in 2006 at age 87.

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