Anderson Cooper: Upcycling: Recycling Alternative With Danny Seo


Anderson Cooper Upcycling vs Recycling

What else can be done with all of the recyclables and junk you have lying around the house? A lot of us are meticulous about recycling, but what if some of those old bottle and cans could help create something for the house? Anderson Cooper invited author Danny Seo to the set for look into a new trend: “upcycling”.

Danny Seo Upcycling

The basics: turn some of that curbside garbage into a new chair or decorative piece for your home or office. Anderson Cooper Upcycling Anderson himself was sitting in a chair made out of an old radiator, while Danny looked stylish in a chair made from horseshoes.  Both seemed like they would be a little less than comfortable for a three-hour football games or long movie, but at the very least these chairs can serve as a great conversation starter! The process got me thinking: what old junk in the garage could be turned into a masterpiece? Leave a comment to help out other readers and experience the wonders of upcycling for yourself.


Anderson Cooper Old Shirt Pillows

Many of the tricks Danny used were impressive. He takes old shirts to dry cleaners and comes home with $5 pillows. Danny swears this magic can occur at any dry cleaner around the country and the system sure does beat buying pillows at the store, not to mention everyone’s old shirts now have a worthy purpose after their useful life in our wardrobe.

Anderson Cooper: Key Card Tray

Not sure what to do with all of those old key cards you can’t throw away? A lot of people have a hard time discarding of these little pieces of plastic, but they seldom have a use after you checkout from the hotel. Turn the sentimental keepsakes into the surface of a breakfast tray after a visit to Michael’s. Simply pick up the tray and some finish to hold the cards in place.

Danny also impressed the audience with a few nifty changes to their old junk. One audience member submitted an ugly smiley face lamp that was quickly turned into a beautiful gold light fixture, only using pencils, paint, and Christmas tree lights. Another lucky guest had her old mirror turned into a coffee table. It’s OK to purchase a few brand new items to add to the junk, says Danny, just be creative and save money in the process!



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