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Anderson Cooper: Coupon General April

It was a perfect time for some coupon experts to come on the set after Anderson’s $400+ spending spree at Costco. April the “Coupon General” quickly set the story straight on stereotypes given to so-called coupon clippers. As she sees it, a hoarder doesn’t tend to their stash, instead leaving the goods dusty and in disarray. On the contrary, April has filled her basement with spotless shelves of over $30,000 in food products (you heard me right).  She even has a locked room full of the goodies: candy, chips, and soft drinks.

Her secret? The stay-at-home mom of eight children started couponing after her husband was fired from his job 19 months ago. Anderson Cooper Coupons  Since then, she’s found a fun way to include the whole family in the experience and has saved $50,000 in the process. She even goes to a local food bank every Sunday and serves over 200 people for under $100. On her most recent visit to the grocery store, six full carts of food came out to $33.61 after using 300 coupons. I like those numbers.


Her advice: think of coupons as cash. Have fun with the process and find name brands, as store brands seldom dole out the best coupons. She even gave Anderson brand new, black leather coupon holder with $20 in coupons. As an added incentive, she included a receipt showing 102% savings from one of her recent shopping adventures. I’m not sure Anderson has the chops to pull of an impressive feat like that, but he seemed open to the idea of toting the coupon holder around with his wallet.

April pointed out that she can make $800 an hour with her work and questioned Anderson’s salary. He only gave a chuckle but I’m pretty sure he was thinking: “that’s chump change for a talk show host!”

Anderson Cooper Coupon Clubs

The audience didn’t get much time for questions, but one viewer got some great tips on buying a mattress. Check out the Original Mattress Factory, a Midwest-based retailer that builds beds to order. I haven’t checked it out myself, but I’m willing to bet the savings are worth a visit.


Before exiting, April chimed in with a few last words of wisdom. Don’t pay for coupon clubs, she said, and instead visit or for free coupons without the scamming.

Anderson Cooper: Couponing Couple

Meet Los Angeles couple Jill and Kyle. Kyle thinks it’s too expensive to get a cab at the airport, Jill thinks he’s a bit nuts. She’s even tracked his crazy spending habits, or lack thereof, in a journal.

A dreaded grocery store run involved an hour of couponing and planning out meals ahead of time. After the visit, Kyle happily reads over his mile-long receipt in the car ride back home, acting like the savings are some sort of a prize. While Jill seemed a little concerned over his frugal ways, Kyle is convinced he’s simply a fiscally responsible man who enjoys cooking and saving money.

HLN’s Clark Howard, still hanging around the set after his earlier session with Anderson, gives some much-needed advice to the distressed couple. He asks the couple what type of freedom or reward this frugal shopping gives them. Silence. Best-case scenario: compromise and if you save all that money, go out to eat or take a vacation once every so often. Luckily, both Jill and Kyle agreed with this advice.

Anderson Cooper: Extreme Couponing

Next up, couponing extraordinaire Kayley gushed about her love for savings. She started after Wes got laid off from work and would drag him to the store, getting a “high” of sorts when the best savings were found. The need to save money turned into an obsession, causing nightmares. Wes acknowledges this was a problem (well, duh!).

Soon enough, the addiction evolved into a passion, or so Kayley claims. There is always another deal around the corner and she even discovered birthday deals. Anderson hadn’t heard of this wonderful invention but many in the audience were quick to nod their head in agreement. As it turned out, the set had arranged over $600 worth of free products, all offered by various companies as free birthday gifts, for the three lucky audience members who were born today. A spot on Anderson Cooper and free gifts, what a way to ring in a birthday!



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