Anderson Cooper: “In the Land of Blood and Honey” Cast


Anderson Cooper: In The Land Of Blood & Honey Interviews

Angelina Jolie, after a lengthy one-on-one interview with Anderson, stayed on the set as three of her cast members were introduced to the audience.

Zana Marjanovic

Actress Zana Marjanovic didn’t even know Angelina was directing the movie when she received the script.


Anderson Cooper In the Land of Blood and Honey

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Needless to say, she was incredibly happy when she learned that Jolie had taken on the directing duties, in addition the script writing.

Goran Kostic

Next up was Goran Kostic, another actor who happened to welcome a son into the world the day of his audition. Talk about distractions! He ended up nailing the audition and hasn’t looked back since, enjoying a new movie role and family life at the same time.


Vanesa Glodjo

Vanesa Glodjo, an actress on the film, gushed over Angelina’s directing abilities – proclaiming her the best in the business. She, like many of the other actors, was in Sarajevo during the war. Half of her house was blown apart and shrapnel embedded in her leg. Luckily, it missed her bone and she was able to survive the harrowing experience.

Her account really put the film into perspective and Angelina was quick to point out the importance of getting approval from people who had lived through the experience.  She sent the script to several people, from all different sides of the conflict, to make sure the subject matter was appropriate. In the end, the film was the people’s movie, not her own as the writer and director.

Anderson Cooper War Veteran Interview

Three more cast members were introduced to the set and one had a remarkable story to tell, captivating not only Anderson, but the entire audience.

Fredja Stukan

Actor Fredja Stukan actually fought in the war. He remembered a day, his last in combat, when he eyed an enemy through the scope of his sniper rifle. He fired off seven or eight shots from 500 yards away, all of which missed the intended target. He was about to line up another shot when he realized the man in his sights had a family just like him. They were waiting for a father and husband to return from war. Fredja questioned his authority to take another’s life and ultimately decided to quit.

He turned himself in to a mental hospital and acted insane for the better part of a year before anyone realized what was happening. His ability to fool trained psychiatrists made him realize he could get into the acting business and here he was over a decade later on the set of Anderson Cooper!


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