Anderson Cooper: Audience Questions & Fitness Challenge


Jane Fonda Workout Videos

Anderson opened up the floor to audience questions for guest Jane Fonda.

First up: does Jane feel that Hollywood still suffers from ageism? Jane certainly does, but knows that talented, older people like Meryl Streep are changing the landscape of Hollywood by making movies that make money.


Jane was then asked to share her thoughts on childhood obesity. In a nutshell, she feels there are two major problems in today’s world. First, the amount of activism has decreased substantially. Schools have cut funding for physical education programs and kids simply can’t run around outside at recess like they used to. Another problem is too much fast food. She stopped short of saying the problem also extended to adults, but let’s be honest: most of us eat too much fast food. I think both problems are every bit as important once we reach adulthood.

Anderson Cooper Fitness

Jane also admitted that one of her biggest “idol” influences was Catherine Hepburn. Both worked on the set of “On Golden Pond”, and Catherine really made it a point of teaching Jane the values in life as an elder on the set. Then came my favorite line of the entire show. Jane likened Catherine’s support to that of an old arch – the way to strengthen the arch (an older person) is to add weight to it, take on the role of a teacher to the younger generations. If you ask me, wise words to live by.


The conversation turned to her ex-husbands, as an audience member wanted to know what Jane learned from her marriages. She rattled off a quick laundry list: she learned French from the first, politics from the second, and from her third (Ted Turner), she learned that being outrageous is endearing. I wasn’t aware that Turner was necessarily outrageous, but you’re hearing it from a pretty informed source.

Anderson Cooper Fitness Challenge

After a commercial break, the show returned to Anderson and Jane standing up around a cleared stage area. I knew something was about to happen.

Anderson informed the audience that free copies of Jane’s new fitness DVD, “Prime Time: Firm & Burn Low Impact Cardio”, were available at the end of the show. The crowd was still busy clapping to the good news as Anderson presented Jane with a pair of pink leg warmers, complete with Anderson Cooper written on the sides. Apparently, a grey set was also made for Anderson, but he had every intention of pawning it off an on audience member.

Both Jane and Anderson grabbed a pair of three-pound weights and the action began. Jane instructed Anderson to stand on one leg and curl the dumbbells. Jane calmly performed the maneuver while Anderson admitted to shaking, questioning how Jane made it look so easy!

Anderson Cooper Flash Mob

All of a sudden a Flash Mob started from members of the audience. About 40 or so guests jumped up on stage and started performing exercises to the disbelief of Anderson. His disbelief turned to skepticism and even a little nervousness as Jane prodded him to join in. As the show cut away to commercials, Anderson was still refusing to join in on the fun.


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