Anderson Cooper: Penny Pinching Quiz with Clark Howard


Anderson Cooper Money Coach

HLN’s very own Clark Howard was nice enough to stay on the set after Anderson’s shopping spree to give the audience a quiz on the dos and don’t of shopping. Check out the questions and see if you’re an expert:

Penny Pinching Quiz

Which item should you never buy at a grocery store? Clark Howard's Money Saving Quiz


a)    Paper towels

b)   Toilet paper

c)    Plastic wrap


d)   Dishwashing detergent

Most of the audience thought toilet paper, but shockingly, the answer was none of the above. Grocery stores use most of their big markups on non-food items, considered the “Bermuda Triangle” of the store.

Next, the audience was given a picture of three jars of peanut butter (small, medium, and large). Can you guess which one is the best bargain? While the audience and myself were both convinced the largest jar was the best deal, it turns out medium-sized quantities of food is typically the best deal. Retailers assume buyers of larger quantities are big eaters and could care less about the price, they just want more of that peanut butter!

Anderson Cooper: Gas Station Deals

Gas stations offer the best prices on?

a)    Soft drinks

b)   Potato chips

c)    Gas

This one was tricky. Gas seems like the reasonable answer, but as it turns out the soft drinks are the best bargain, used as a way to lure customers into the store for candy, gum, and other treats that are big moneymakers.

Best Day To Buy A Car

The best day to buy a car is at the end of the month? True or False

Neither! Yet another trick question. It matters where you shop, not when you shop. Never buy at a car dealer lot. Instead, take advantage of the growing number of online retailers that will even deliver the car to your door. No more haggling car salesman to deal with, simply custom build a car from the comfort of your home. The savings are in the thousands and your stress level plummets – I call this a winning formula! A few websites to check out are and

Value Toilet Paper vs Soft Toilet Paper

As a funny ending to the quiz, Anderson and Clark determined whether soft or value toilet paper was the way to go. Both furiously began unraveling their respective roll, Anderson with the value brand and Clark with the soft version, to the cheers and laughter of the audience. Clark ran out of his roll well before Anderson, but noted that sometimes you have to make a personal choice for your body. The value roll may offer more paper, but I’ll let you be the ultimate judge on this one.


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