Anderson Cooper Goes to Costco & Money Coach Advice


Anderson Cooper & Costco

Before his big trip to Costco began, Anderson professed his love for frugality to the audience. Growing up he said, his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, was a BIG spender and it literally drove him bananas. While he joked that his worry lines came from these experiences as a child, I have my doubts!

Anderson Cooper’s Costco Trip

Anderson may hate spending money, but his trip to Costco sure didn’t show it. The expedition started out as a hunt for bargains but soon turned into a quest for survival as abandoned shopping carts provided hazards at every turn. Anderson quickly swept up two giant boxes of replacement razors for his shaver before screeching to a halt by cases of Muscle Milk. With plenty of room left in the cart, he grabbed four boxes and continued onward.


Within minutes, the once-empty cart was piled high with bulk items. Anderson voiced his desire to pick up more products and even passed on a giant Plush bear for $29.99. Hating to look insane to his viewers, he plodded to the checkout line without getting a 2nd cart. I certainly wasn’t surprised to see the tally at $432.88. Anderson showed a look of shock and quickly saved face, joking that he was ready for Armageddon. It seems preparing for disaster comes at a steep price!

HLN’s Clark Howard Money Coach

Back on the set, HLN money coach Clark Howard was invited to critique Anderson’s big spending day. Even better, he brought along the giant bear as a gift before finding quite a few errors in Anderson’s plan of attack. While the bear was an amazing deal, Clark said, the razor blades were a complete waste of money.

Great tip: a single razor can last a year if you dry it off after every use. It turns out that razors only degrade due to moisture. Many women in the audience were still inclined to leave their razor in the shower, but Anderson came to realize that he is now stocked up with razors for a good 60-70 years.


Clark was quick to point out that shopping carts are seldom a good idea unless you know a giant item needs to be purchased ahead of time. The extra space makes it easy to pile on more products, while carrying items with your hands is not only a great workout, but makes you really take into consideration what is needed versus that unnecessary product (think: multiple boxes of razors). I also have a feeling the four giant crates of Muscle Milk would have been left on the shelf if Anderson had this advice before his trip.

Anderson Cooper 97 Cent Bargains

Clark followed up his review of Anderson’s spending day with a bonus tip. Products ending in 99 cents are typically the base price for an item at any store. The real deals are anything ending in 97 cents. Those items are being sold below cost and provide the best bargains. Thanks to Clark, I can hunt down those 97-cent bargains.


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