60 Minutes: US History Con Man, Maggie Smith & Robotics Breakthrough


60 Minutes June 2 2013

60 Minutes shared three very different stories this week, each with its own surprising insights into our world. Learn how advances in robotics could eventually have applications of meaning for those who are sight- or hearing-impaired. Plus, what is being done to combat the theft of important historical documents? Finally, Dame Maggie Smith reflected on her marvelous career and recent success in Downton Abbey. Here are the reports from June 2.

60 Minutes: Revolutionizing Prosthetics & Robotics Breakthrough

60 Minutes: US History Con Man, Maggie Smith & Robotics Breakthrough

60 Minutes on June 2 shared stories about a con man who has been stealing US historical artifacts.


For decades, there has not been much hope for those who are paralyzed. Losing control of a limb was considered a permanent disability. Now, medical science has achieved a breakthrough unlike any we have seen in recent memory. These prosthetics can be controlled completely by the user’s mind, and the potential future of this technology has a wide range of uses that have innovators excited. If you continue to exploit the possibilities, some believe that this type of mind-controlled technology can become simpler and more efficient, even possibly helping the blind to see.

60 Minutes: Revolutionizing Prosthetics & Robotic Limb Brain Surgery

60 Minutes: US History Con Man Robbed National Archives

The National Archives, museums, and libraries where America’s history is stored and preserved have become a target for high-profile thieves. Did you know there is a special investigative unit dedicated to pursuing these missing memories? Also, discover the unbelievable story of a crafty con man who pilfered thousands of artifacts through charm and creativity; he even used his false persona to sell a book! You wouldn’t think that a plate of baked goods would be enough to scam the protectors of our nation’s history. The arrest and conviction of one master criminal has led to tighter security.


60 Minutes: US Historical Documents On eBay & National Archives Robbed

60 Minutes: Dame Maggie Smith Has Never Watched Downton Abbey

Dame Maggie Smith is beloved for her decades of memorable roles in movies. Now she is enjoying a surprise resurgence thanks to her sharp-tongued character in the British PBS period drama Downton Abbey. But fans might be surprised to learn that she has never watched the show that is catapulting her to new heights of international fame.

60 Minutes: Dame Maggie Smith Retirement & Downton Abbey Season 4


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