60 Minutes: Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court & Hospital Medicare Fraud?


60 Minutes June 9 2013

This week’s edition of 60 Minutes touched on three subjects that can drive a lot of discussion in America and around the world: health care, Affirmative Action, and religion. Has Health Management Associates been committing Medicare fraud? Some employees say yes. What does Sonia Sotomayor think about the fact that she benefited from Affirmative Action? And what drives the loving passion behind the construction of Spain’s Sagrada Familia?

60 Minutes: Health Management Associates Hospital Admission Quotas & Medicare Fraud?

60 Minutes: Sonia Sotomayor Supreme Court & Hospital Medicare Fraud?

60 Minutes reported on possible Medicare fraud in one of the nation’s top hospital chains, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Antoni Gaudi’s church.


60 Minutes took a look behind the scenes at one of the nation’s top for-profit hospital chains and discovered some shocking evidence. Over 100 employees interviewed claimed that top management pushed for admission quotas from emergency rooms, whether patients needed to be kept in the hospital or not. The company, Health Management Associates, denied these claims, of course. What do you think about bad behavior in hospitals?

60 Minutes: Health Management Associates & Hospital Admission Quotas

60 Minutes: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor & Do We Need Affirmative Action?

Sonia Sotomayor went from a childhood in The Bronx to the nation’s highest court. Now she is looking back on her career so far in the memoir My Beloved World. She took Scott Pelley back to her home neighborhood, where people still greet her by name, and explained her complicated relationship with Affirmative Action, which is now an issue she has to adjudicate with her colleagues on the bench.


60 Minutes: Sonia From The Bronx & Do We Need Affirmative Action?

60 Minutes: God’s Architect Antoni Gaudi & Sagrada Familia

It was the 1800s when visionary architect Antoni Gaudi drew up plans for a church that would tower into the sky as a tribute to God. In modern times, the Barcelona cathedral is still under construction, and modern advances in construction techniques are allowing Gaudi’s work to finally come to fruition. Why is this a labor of love for so many of those who have come to be involved in the project?

60 Minutes: Sagrada Familia Barcelona & God’s Architect Antoni Gaudi


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