60 Minutes: Jack Dorsey Square Wallet, LCWR Nuns Vs Vatican & Hit Man


60 Minutes March 17 2013

A St. Patrick’s Day edition of 60 Minutes profiled the face off between the Catholic Church and an organization of American nuns, a look at the future for tech innovator and Square Wallet inventor Jack Dorsey, and the reformation of Philly hit man John Veasey. Here is what you missed on the show.

60 Minutes: American LCWR Nuns Vs Catholic Leadership

60 Minutes: Jack Dorsey Square Wallet, LCWR Nuns Vs Vatican & Hit Man

On 60 Minutes March 17 2013, the show talked to Square Wallet inventor Jack Dorsey, ex-con John Veasey, and both sides of a rift between nuns and the church.


American nuns have been chastised by the Catholic Church for insubordination  because they do not always fall in line with the church’s conservative positions on social issues. People from both sides seem to indicate that this friction is not going to be resolved on its own, and neither side wants to give in.

60 Minutes: American Nuns & Leadership Conference of Women Religious

60 Minutes: Jack Dorsey Square Wallet App & NYC Mayor

Jack Dorsey is a tech guru whose name may not be well known, but his products are. He created Twitter and the new payment system Square. But he told 60 Minutes that he has his sights set on a future that includes becoming the mayor of New York City. In the meantime what will he think of next?


60 Minutes: Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey & Square Wallet App Review

60 Minutes: Philly Ex-Hit Man John Veasey

In the 1990s, John Veasey was a killer for hire during the city’s mob war, and he showed no remorse for his past in a chat with Byron Pitts. These days, he lives in the suburbs with his family and works as a successful car salesman. But back home in Philadelphia, some people aren’t so sure he has given up his life of crime.

60 Minutes: Did Philadelphia Hit Man John Veasey Change His Life?

60 Minutes Update: DOCX Prosecution

Lara Logan shared a brief update to conclude the show. In a previous report on “The Next Housing Shock,” viewers learned about the sweatshop practices of the company DOCX, forging bank signatures for mortgages.

DOCX and its parent company have settled a criminal investigation for $35 million. In six years, the company is believed to have filed over one million bogus mortgage documents.


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