60 Minutes: Designer Eyewear, Barca Soccer & Colombian Drug Cartels


60 Minutes June 16 2013

This week’s edition of 60 Minutes took us on a tour around the world, with reports from Colombia, Spain, and Italy. See what these international destinations have to do with the topics of drug cartels, soccer stardom, and fashion eyewear. This is what you missed on the show. Click on the links here to read recaps or watch videos of each segment.

60 Minutes: Colombian Drug Cartels & US ICE Investigation

60 Minutes: Designer Eyewear, Barca Soccer & Colombian Drug Cartels

On 60 Minutes, worldwide subjects included investigation of drug cartels, the cost of expensive designer eyewear, and the world famous Barca soccer team.


For three years, the United States and Colombian authorities worked together to systematically dismantle one of the largest drug cartels they had ever seen. This super cartel was sophisticated and organized like a large company, smuggling millions of dollars worth of drugs and money to destinations around the world on a regular basis. How did it finally all come crashing down?

60 Minutes: Colombian Super Cartel & US ICE Immigration and Customs

60 Minutes: Price of Glasses & Luxottica Designer Eyewear

After seeing why so many people have sticker shock over the price of glasses, you may vow to wear contact lenses instead. Learn how one Italian company, Luxottica, controls the lion’s share of manufactured brands, as well as the retail outlets throughout America where many of us are shopping for eyewear. How much is too much, and what can you do if you want to avoid playing this game with the international firm?


60 Minutes: Why Do Glasses Cost So Much? Luxottica Designer Eyewear

60 Minutes: Barca Soccer, Lionel Messi & Catalonia Secession?

Barca’s soccer team is believed to be the best in the history of the world. Lionel Messi is one of the team’s star players, most of whom came up in a Spanish boarding school devoted to developing talented recruits for the team. Now this organization could be part of a larger plan to secede from Spain and form an independent state. That’s how much people love sports, even around the world. Can you believe it?

60 Minutes: Barca Football, Lionel Messi & Catalonia Secession?


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