60 Minutes: Chardon Homecoming, Germany’s Art Forger + Taken Sequels


60 Minutes February 23 2014

60 Minutes featured some touching and astounding stories during this broadcast. Frank Hall’s emotional homecoming to Chardon High School was a touching moment for many. A talented art forger successfully collected millions for his inspired works. Actor Liam Neeson spoke openly about grief in a rare interview on the February 23 broadcast.

60 Minutes Update: F-35 Over Budget

60 Minutes: Chardon Homecoming, Germany's Art Forger + Taken Sequels

Liam Neeson remembered late wife Natasha Richardson on 60 Minutes February 23. Germany’s best art forger spoke about his talents and a hero returned home. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Viewers responded to 60 Minutes’ recent story about the trouble-plagued, over-budget F-35 program. Some felt that David Martin was too easy on those involved, with a Chicago viewer calling the report “a puff piece…for U.S. military industrial overkill.” Others wondered why so many of these complex and problematic weapon planes are being commissioned on the taxpayer’s dime.

60 Minutes: Frank Hall School Shooting Hero & Chardon Homecoming

Frank Hall rejects being called a hero, because he wishes his call to duty had never come. But his homecoming to the school from which he chased a gunman was an inspiring moment that illustrated his strength of character in the face of the unknown. What does he want people to remember about his time in the spotlight?

60 Minutes: Frank Hall Homecoming & Chardon High School Shooting


60 Minutes: Germany’s Art Forger & Raman Spectroscopy

Wolfgang Beltracchi is often thought to be the most successful art forger in history, thanks to his decades of work impersonating the greats. Find out how a color choice brought down his artistic empire in a collapse that has reverberated through the international art community and left more questions about what is real and what is not.

60 Minutes: Wolfgang Beltracchi Art Forgery & Raman Spectroscopy

60 Minutes: Liam Neeson Taken Sequels & Natasha Richardson Organ Donor

Liam Neeson, best known these days for his action roles in films like Taken, did not have much time to enjoy the spoils of his success with his wife before she was killed in a 2009 skiing accident. He reflected about his career and their relationship in a profile for 60 Minutes.

60 Minutes: Liam Neeson Taken Sequel & Natasha Richardson Organ Donor


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