60 Minutes: US Credit Reports, Algerian Terror Attack & Lincoln Review


60 Minutes February 10 2013 Preview

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this episode.

60 Minutes returns to CBS on Sunday, February 10 2013 with a pre-Grammy episode featuring an exclusive interview. Charlie Rose will be speaking exclusively with the survivors of an al Qaeda Algerian terror attack at a gas facility in January 2013.


Do not miss this dramatic new edition of 60 Minutes. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, or check Recapo after the show to get a full recap of this big story for the first time. Look for Recapo coverage of 60 Minutes, beginning February 10.

60 Minutes: Lincoln Movie Review

60 Minutes: US Credit Reports, Algerian Terror Attack & Lincoln Review

Scheduled on 60 Minutes February 10 2013, Charlie Rose interviews Algerian terror attack survivors from the US. (Craig Blankenhorn/CBS)

Lesley Stahl will go behind the scenes of the popular movie Lincoln, based on the book by presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, directed by Steven Spielberg, and starring Daniel Day Lewis.


60 Minutes: US Credit Reports

Also, Steve Kroft will share a report examining the accuracy of credit reports that determine whether American citizens are able to get loans and other financial instruments. Plus: how to dispute credit report errors.

60 Minutes: Algerian Terror Attack

Three of the five Americans who survived a terrorist attack in Algeria are giving their first interviews to Charlie Rose of CBS News for a 60 Minutes report that is scheduled to air on Sunday, February 10.

Mark Cobb, a BP manager who was at the desert plant, feared for his life because he knew the terrorists were particularly interested in finding Americans during the episode.

Cobb told 60 Minutes that he still has nightmares about the frightening encounter that unfolded just a few weeks ago, making international headlines.

60 Minutes: Terrorist Attack American Survivors

Another survivor, Steve Wysocki, has survivor’s guilt because he survived when more than three dozen other people were killed in the attack.

Find out firsthand what went on during this dramatic and terrifying ordeal when Cobb and Wysocki join fellow survivor Nick Frazier to recount what happened on January 16, when 37 people were killed in an attack in Amenas, Algeria.

Charlie Rose has the exclusive first conversation with these men, and he is taking 60 Minutes viewers inside the story. Be sure to set your DVR for this one, or check Recapo to learn all about it once the episode airs.


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