60 Minutes: Sudan’s Lost Boys, Pioneer Hotel Fire & Peabody Awards


60 Minutes March 31 2013

Recapo update: These segments are online now.

For Easter Sunday, the 60 Minutes team is producing two reports telling detailed stories of long struggles and the perseverance of humanity in the face of devastating odds. Steve Kroft will explore The Pioneer Hotel Fire, and Bob Simon files an in depth report on Sudanese refugees. Also, did you know that 60 Minutes is the winner of two more Peabody Awards?


60 Minutes: The Pioneer Hotel Fire

60 Minutes: Sudan's Lost Boys, Pioneer Hotel Fire & Peabody Awards

A winner of two Peabody Awards, 60 Minutes March 31 will feature stories on Sudan’s Lost Boys, who fled to America during a civil war.

Could you imagine being in prison under false pretenses? Many convicts claim their innocence, but for a few, the truth finally does win out and they are released. That it was happened in the case of Brian Banks, who was recently profiled on 60 Minutes.

Now, Steve Kroft is telling the tale of the Pioneer Hotel in Tucson, Arizona. That is where 28 people were killed in a fire in 1970. It has now been more than four decades since the incident, and new evidence could prove that the man who has served decades behind bars for the suspected arson is innocent.


Kroft will explain how witness testimony and evolving methods for investigating arson are mounting a convincing case that police apprehended the wrong man. That’s coming up on 60 Minutes for March 31 2013.

60 Minutes: The Lost Boys

It has been 25 years since civil war ravaged the Sudan and sent its families fleeing in search of a better life. For the past 12 years, 60 Minutes has been following the lives of some of the Sudanese refugees who sought a new life in America. How have they adjust to a new life and culture, and what about the memories they left behind in their homeland?

Bob Simon will share a two-segment report on Sudanese settlers in the US, from the 1980s to the present day. This two-part story will round out a new hour of reports from 60 Minutes correspondents for Sunday, March 31.

Check back here after the show for more details on the segments and featured stories.

60 Minutes: Peabody Awards

This week, 60 Minutes was honored with two Peabody Awards. The show is now the recipient of 20 total Peabody Awards for its storytelling and reporting. Feted stories from 2012 included “Deception At Duke,” which questioned data in a Duke cancer research project, and “Joy in the Congo,” exploring a symphony orchestra in the heart of Africa. Congratulations to the 60 Minutes team!


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