60 Minutes: Robin Hood Foundation Charity & US Counterinsurgency


60 Minutes May 5 2013

Recapo update: Here are the stories from this episode.

60 Minutes has three reports on diverse subjects in American life for its May 5 broadcast. Learn how police are using counterinsurgency tactics to fight gangs in America. Meet a man inspired by 60 Minutes to start a charity, the Robin Hood Foundation. Also, learn about the invisible wounds suffered by thousands of US military veterans.


60 Minutes: Counterinsurgency Vs Gangs

60 Minutes: Robin Hood Foundation Charity & US Counterinsurgency

The May 5 broadcast of 60 Minutes will report on the success of the Robin Hood Foundation, inspired by a previous report, and US counterinsurgency tactics.

Street gangs have nearly taken over one Massachusetts town, according to citizens and police there. Desperate times inspired the police force to come up with some creative solutions, and they turned to military-style tactics to combat crime.

The anti-gang tactics seem to be working, and 60 Minutes will talk with a state trooper who helped to devise the plan and change the way police and residents in the town of Springfield address the out-of-control gangs.


Now the success of the program is being noticed by an engineer at Harvard, who also had military experience. Find out about this surprising success story on 60 Minutes May 5.

60 Minutes: Robin Hood Foundation

60 Minutes has been on TV a long time, and its stories can have a lasting impact. Just ask Paul Tudor Jones, who was inspired by a 1986 report he saw on the show. He created the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that has given away $1.25 billion over the past 25 years.

How does the Robin Hood Foundation invest in the educational futures of children? In 2012, it awarded $130 million to the needy, focusing heavily on education as a way to break the cycle of poverty. It seems to be working, and Jones will be telling his story to Scott Pelley on the May 5 broadcast.

Before the show, you can check out the 1980s 60 Minutes feature that inspired Jones right here.

60 Minutes: Invisible Wounds

Tens of thousands of soldiers who served America in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning home with serious injuries, even though they may not look wounded at first. They have suffered brain injuries, including concussions and other permanent problems that will follow them through the rest of their lives. Correspondent David Martin found out what the military is doing about this problem in a report for the May 5 edition of 60 Minutes.


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